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Rep. Mondea Jones changes the tone of Defund the Police

Awakened Big Apple Democrats who once helped the police out loud suddenly changed their tone.

Rep. Mondea Jones represents the cozy district of Westchester County, but the repartition will run for reelection as a carpet bagger with competitive open seats in Lower Manhattan and Park Slope. I was forced to do that.

Suddenly, I faced a tough primary association against former Mayor Bill de Brasio and state legislator Euline Niou — Jones now says, "Black Americans are police officers. I don't want to get out of the community. "

However, in June 2020, the month after George Floyd's death, Democrats across the country were fascinated by the "DEFUND" slogan, and Jones was no exception.

"Of course, we need to end mass imprisonment, legalize cannabis, and defend the police," he toldNGO Food &WaterWatch founder Wenonah Hauter. He said in an interview. June 25, 2020.

"Let's say we need to go back and reduce police funding, reduce that funding and redistribute it to social workers, and discuss hiring young people." He said in 2020. Added to political commentator Katie Halper in the monthJuly 8 interview.

He implemented MinneapolisandNew York Cityrefund policies and saw the immediate impact of violent crime. As the harsh consequences of the policy became apparent, public security began to creep into the hearts of voters.

2021 and 2022pollslaterpollslater polls, voters strongly oppose refund policy It shows that it is. San Francisco's liberal votersvoted to rememberthe awakened George Solos-funded district lawyer Chesa Boudan. Many believe it is the beginning of a progressive backlash.

Representative Mondaire Jones
REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein

When re-election is imminent in a foreign district, Jones Apparently I saw it written on the wall. His answer was dull when asked in last week'sHuffPost interviewif there was "... a particular rhetoric phrase adopted by Progressive that hurts more than it helps."

"[Working Family Party] leaders say that'refunding the police'is the best way to clarify the vision for humane and more effective policing that does not abuse blacks. Saying it wasn't a phrase. It keeps the community safe and browns it, "he said.

"Black Americans don't want to send police officers out of the community"He sought funding to the police station after President Byden's 2022 Federal State speech. Added.

"It's about polling," Curtis Sliwa, founder and former mayor of Guardian Angels, told the post. "His consultant tells him, hey, you have to start moving towards the center."

Jones is one of the many Democrats who have centered on this issue. I'm alone.

Mondaire Jones, winner of the Democratic primary for the 17th Congressional District, is applauded after addressing a Black Lives Matter rally, Wednesday, July 15, 2020, outside the Westchester County courthouse
AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews

Democratic rising star Stacy Abrams is now policetold Axios last month that he would raise the base salary of Georgia soldiers and other law enforcement officers if he was elected governor in November. In an interview withCNN in June 2020, she previously stated that she would support a refund for.

"Mondea, like many other Democrats, is now defending the right-wing issue. In November, this seems to be the standard for Democrats," New York City said. Patrick Bobilin — , a progressive organizer and continued supporter of police defense, said waffled Democrats were "feared."

The primary is scheduled for August 23rd.

"Person. Jones feels that New Yorker is safe and believes it really deserves to be safe. Therefore, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, he is a gun violence in the United States. He has also led the fight to provide law enforcement agencies with resources to end the rise of white paranormalists' domestic terrorism, including lack of investment in public schools and housing. We also know that we need to address the root cause of the crime, and that effective policing does not require a brutal black and brown community, "said spokesman Bill Nadart.

When asked to provide an example of "white paranormal domestic terrorism," Nadart refused to provide an example, "hate crimes in New York City last year alone. Does it imply that it did not increase by 76%? "