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Republicans vow to investigate the Justice Department for the FBI's investigation into Trump's Mar-a-Lago

FBI searches for Mar-a-Lago in document investigation

Washington — House Republicans Member and ally Former President Donald Trump revealed late Monday that the FBI had raided his South Florida home of Mar-a-Lago, erupted in anger. If Republicans win control of the House in November's midterm elections, they will open an investigation into the Justice Department. After the revelation, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted that Attorney General Merrick Garland should "keep the papers and clear the calendars."

"The Justice Department has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization," writes McCarthy. “When Republicans take back the House, we will be monitoring this department immediately, following the facts, and doing whatever it takes.”

Multiple sources Sources told CBS News that the FBI raid is related to the Justice Department's investigation into claims by the US National Archives and Records Administration.He recovered 15 boxes of records, some of which contained classified material. 

The FBI received the box and papers from his Mar-a-Lago on Monday, but U.S. law enforcement officials familiar with some of the search warrant operations and Trump Sources close to. Some, if not all, of the documents may be confidential, according to two sources.

The National Archives earlier this year asked the Justice Department to investigate President Trump's handling of White House records, and the agency Telling the House Committee In February, he identified "items marked as classified national security information" in recovered boxes and said his staff had "contacted the Department of Justice." We were dealing," he said.

The former president, upon referral to the National Archives, said he had "cooperative and respectful discussions" with the agency regarding the box of presidential records, calling it "Trump's legacy." 113} Following the execution of a search warrant by the FBI, an unprecedented move against the former president, McCarthy and other House Republicans have announced that the Justice Department will take political action against a possible challenger to President Biden in 2024.

But there is no indication that the search was part of any effort to target a political opponent, and the White House under Mr. has gone to great lengths to limit his interactions with senior officials. Department of Justice officials regarding sensitive investigations. A senior White House official told CBS News that the West Wing had not been informed that the FBI was searching Trump's home.

Still, Republican Rep. Jim of Ohio, Rep. Jordan, told Fox his news the search was "unbelievable," and FBI directors Chris Ray and Garland told the House of Representatives about the action. said he had to testify. 

"This Friday, Chris Wray and Merrick Garland will come before us and answer our questions," he said. "If it is so important to pursue President Trump in this unprecedented way, please come to the House Judiciary Committee and answer our questions."

The House is currently While on summer break, he returned to Washington on Friday to launch the Democratic Party's $740 billionclimate, tax and health package,

{127 Former Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday, "We share the deep concern of millions of Americans about the unprecedented search of President Trump's private residence," he said.

"During our administration, years after FBI agents were found to be acting politically motivated, we had to deal with the continued emergence of partisan activity by the Department of Justice. must,' he tweeted in a series of articles. "Yesterday's actions undermined public confidence in our justice system and Attorney General Garland must give the American people a full explanation as to why this action was taken, and he will do so immediately.

Rep. Mike Turner, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, sent aletter to Ray on Monday,asking for clarification on the legitimacy of the search. 135}

“This action is unprecedented in the history of our country. rice field. ``Congress deserves an immediate response from you regarding the actions you have ordered.''

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also criticized the "clear political weaponization" of the Justice Department and FBI. He said it was "dangerous" to execute a search warrant against the former president.

"The AG must explain why 250 years of practice has been upended in this raid," he tweeted.

Republican Senate Commission chair Rick Scott of Florida said he was "very concerned" about the move.

"I need answers now. I have to & explain what the FBI was doing today and why," he tweeted{149

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott told "CBS Morning" that "we need to roll this out and see exactly what happens." Yes," he said, adding, "We should have been stunned, surprised and shocked." About yesterday.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn said the FBI raid was a "political witch hunt." It's a term Trump often uses to criticize the investigation by former special counsel Robert Mueller and the Justice Department into Russian interference in 2016. selection.

While the former president and his supporters have accused Biden and the Democrats of "weaponizing" the Justice Department against future political opponents, Trump himself He frequently attacked the Justice Department and called out individual Democrats. Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Rep. Adam Schiff — Subject to Federal Law Enforcement Investigation.

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