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Republicans Blaming FBI Trump Investigation Prepare to Catch Joe in Hunter Biden Investigation

Recently, Republicans proposed plans to use the Hunter Biden investigation as a platform for next year's Hunter Biden investigation. Not hiding his father — after years of brushing off conflicts of interest within the Trump family. No evidence has emerged to show that Hunter Biden's business deals, which are facing years of federal investigation, influenced his father's decision as president.

Republican lawmakers are pushing ahead anyway, planning a wide-ranging investigation that extends to the sale of Hunter Biden's art and other ethics of business transactions, as well as policy decisions by the Biden administration.

"I'm not exactly sure if there's a big difference between starting with Hunter and including Joe Biden from the start," said Congressman Glenn Grossman. (Republican Wisconsin) said. He is a member of the Oversight Committee and is expected to lead the House investigation into Hunter Biden. "Obviously you start with the hunters … [but] it looks like the president is also involved. That's something you have to look into."

The president's son is Hillary Clinton. has long fueled its obsession with conservative media in the same way that it handles classified information. However, the Republican plan to poke Hunter Biden into the House's in-depth investigation into the Justice Department's scrutiny of Trump, especially if Republicans decide to set up a special committee instead of launching an investigation through the Judiciary Committee. It may have to compete with growing Republican greed. He expressed deep concern for voters who were panicked and outraged by the raids.

"The bases have lost their minds. If Trump decides to arm them, I think he can get another Jan. 6," said on condition of anonymity. said in an interview.

But before law enforcement action against Trump this week, House Republicans had their sights set on Hunter. Lawmakers and commission aides are already doing preparatory work, including planning hearings, collecting documents, and identifying potential witnesses, including former business partners and banks.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who will chair the Oversight Committee in the event of a Republican majority, formally launched an inquiry in January. Said he was ready to start.

"We're going to have a great hearing early on about possible misconduct in the Biden family," Comer said in an interview. "What I fear is that these shady business deals have put the president in jeopardy." He added that Hunter Biden was invited to testify and that it was "very likely" that his eldest son would be subpoenaed.

Waiting oversight chairman is ready to answer critics who say his job is made to piss off Joe Biden. He argued that House Republicans would not investigate Hunter Biden as a "political witch hunt." But other Republicans are more openly portraying their broader oversight as a way to prepare for the 2024 election they hope to take back the White House. 37} President Joe Biden hugs his son Hunter Biden.

January 20, 2021 President Joe Biden hugs his son, Hunter Biden, after taking the oath of office as the 59th president at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo

"This will help frame the 2024 campaign when I think President Trump wants to run again. And we have to make sure he wins," said Jim Jordan (Ohio Republican), who will chair the Judiciary Committee under the Republican majority in 2023. Lawmakers saidat the CPAC meeting in Texas. End of last week.

This is not the first time a congressional investigation has converged on the politics of the president, nor is it the first time Hill's investigation into Hunter Biden and the wider Biden family.Senator Ron Johnson (Republican-Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (Republican-Iowa) conducted a joint investigation into Hunter Biden in the run-up to the 2020 election, unintentionally accused by fellow Republicans of Spreading disinformation in Russia.

But House Republicans are planning a more drastic view: Comer is criticizing Hunter Biden's activities in China and his art, which has been questioned during the Obama era. It released a laundry list of topics to explore, such as ethics agreements governing sales. official.

Then-White House press secretary Jen Saki told reporters last year that the ethics agreements governing art sales were "not White House agreements, they are representatives of Hunter Biden. It's an arrangement between a person and a representative that we knew for sure." , but emphasized that he was interested in Biden's son's finances and not obscene personal details.

Additionally, Republicans on the Oversight Board It continues to seek reports of the Treasury Department's questionable activity related to Hunter Biden, but complains that it cannot obtain the material without Democratic support.

It responded by stating that the policy of requiring the president or majority of members to approve requests for these reports applies regardless of political party. Some Democrats have resented the Justice Department's response to reports of suspicious activity.

“Since the beginning of this administration, the Treasury Department has made SARs available upon request by competent committees and continues to be involved in the process with individual members seeking information.