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Researchers warn those who go to the beaches of Cape Cod: "Big sharks are here."

Cape Cod Great White Shark researchers have found that the warm climate is not only the beginning of a busy tourist season, but also the region's famous predation. Arrival of the person.

In July, the sea at the cape becomes warmer, and great white sharks tend to appear in earnest. Witness information peaks from August to October, Megan Winton, a scientist at the Atlantic White Shark Reserve, said at a press conference at the organization. Chatham's office on Wednesday.

"Know that there are big sharks here," she said. "They are always present from June to autumn."

On Tuesday, Great White Shark sightings temporarily closed the head of Truro's Meadow Beach. it was done.

Great White Sharks Massachusetts
On August 13, 2021, you can see sharks swimming across the sandbar from a shark clock with a Dragonfly Sportfishing charter off Massachusetts. .. Cape Cod coast.  Phil Marcelo / AP

Greg Skomal, a state marine biologist who has been studying great white sharks in the region for decades , Animals still concentrate on the Atlantic side of the cape and enjoy the prosperous seal populations there.

"We are now trying to dig deeper to figure out when and when sharks are likely to be in the area," said Scomalat CBS Boston. Said to.

He advised those who go to the beach to be most vigilant when swimming on the beach where the coastline quickly falls into the deep sea.

"When the water is deep, sharks will approach the shore," Skomal said.

Since 2009, researchers have tagged more than 280 great white sharks from the cape, nearly 230 of which are still active, sending back data on shark movements, according to scientists.

Skomal and Winton have spent years studying great white shark migration and hunting behavior. They are studying beach safety by providing local officials and beach goers with a better understanding of where great white sharks tend to appear and when they tend to be most active. It is said that it helped to improve sex.

Skomal states that there have been significant changes in the behavior of beach goers since two shark attacks on humans in the area in 2018. , Others haven't set foot in the ocean at all, he said.

"This is a success story about the protection of sharks and seals," says Winton. "At the same time, it's important to find a way to coexist, as this is an important place for people to recreate."

CBS Boston warns the general public with curiosity and safety. Reported to have attracted the attention of. 

"I'll probably put my toes on that alone. I don't want kids to swim in the water right now," says Nicole Fachi of Cleveland, Ohio. I did.

Meanwhile, the Longo family in Syracuse, New York, said they would never swim in the ocean.

"Maybe our feet. I always enjoy the water, but take the warning seriously," said Jason Longo. 

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