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Road anger can be overcome even by the best drivers. Here's how to keep you cool while driving

(CNN)Drivers may bend irregularly while using their mobile phones or be dangerous around other vehicles. I will dart it. The horn bark keeps you on the edge as traffic recedes. Enough to test someone's patience.

In some cases, these emotions can lead to road anger and aggressive driving caused by stress and anger while driving.

Ryan Martin, professor of psychology and deputy director of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Wisconsin Green University, feels that the driver has been neglected, as another car suddenly cuts the driver. It often happens. Bay.

Some people express their anger on the road, such as speeding around the car or pulling the car into a fight. Martin, the author of, states: Change. "

" They make worse decisions than other ways because they are angry, frustrated, and frustrated, and all these bad decisions are accidental injuries, It can be harmful or even fatal. "

Others bring the stress they feel at home or at work while driving, and something small actively drives them. A psychologist, a practice leader, and a center of human performance and safety at Batel, which can be a catalyst for this. This organization is a non-profit organization focused on applied science and technology research.

The power of anonymity

Many drivers feel anonymous on the road and act They will wake up otherwise they wouldn't, Robinson said.

"People don't just walk to the front of the line they just entered," he said. "It's very unusual."

Often, while driving, people don't think they are identifiable and never see other drivers, so they are socially acceptable. Adopt a more aggressive and rude persona.

Drivers can also misunderstand that certain actions, such as stepping on the brakes to slow down and then slowing down, are easy and safe, Martin said.

"Ironically, it's not safe at all, and there are very realistic consequences that can occur," he said.

Calm your road anger

When you're angry, you often have a hard time seeing the situation from a different perspective, Robinson says. rice field. At that moment, start by taking a deep breath and not reacting immediately, he said.

According to Robinson, he also has the notion of blaming his personality for the worst of others, rather than attributed his flaws to external factors.

"They cut me off because they are bad people," he said. "But if I cut off someone, I made a mistake."

You can also relax by listening to soothing music and podcasts while driving, Robinson said. He said it's hard to get angry because he's crazy about podcasts and focused on listening to them.

Finally, if traffic on the highway causes anger and stress, try an equivalent route on a rural road with few cars if possible, Robinson said. ..


Martin said that if you notice a pattern of aggressive driving, you need to come up with a coping strategy before you go out on the road. I am.

"Driving is one of the worst times to try to deal with anger because I don't think clearly," he said.

Drivers can plan in advance how they will react, Martin said. For example, he said, if another driver cuts them off, they would tell themselves that they would let it go.

In addition, Martin added that when driving to a destination, start early to limit the stress that can result from running late.

If you find yourself behind schedule, take a deep breath and avoid thinking, "Traffic will ruin my day."

"Yes, this is frustrating, but it really only delays me," Martin told himself. "It's not the worst thing in the world."