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Ronaldo's lawyer seeks $ 626,000 from a female lawyer in a Las Vegas proceeding

Las Vegas — Cristiano Ronaldo asks female lawyer to pay more than $ 626,000 to international football stars afterclaims the proceedings fail Asking a US judge to orderRonaldo wants millions of dollars to rape a woman in Las Vegas nearly a decade ago.

In a candid court document, Ronaud's lawyer, Peter Christiansen, personally blames Judge Jennifer Dorsey of the US District Court and female lawyer Leslie Markstoval for the amount. I am asking you to bear.

Stovall did not immediately answer phone or email messages on Wednesday. He didn't get an answer to the text message to associate Larissa Drohobyczer. Stovall will submit an answer to the court by July 8. Pursue the case.

Stovall "crossed the boundaries of ethical action before filing this proceeding, and his disregard for the rules of this court continued unabated," the judge found.

Dorsey said in a 42-page order that plaintiff Kathryn Mayorga's proceedings could not be completely dismissed and re-tried, but Ronaldo was damaged by the actions of Stover. ..

Kathryn Mayorga accused Ronaldo of assaulting her in a hotel suite bedroom after meeting him at a Las Vegas club in 2009.
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Associated Press generally attracts people Not nominated Although they say they are victims of sexual assault, Mallorga has agreed to publish her name through Stobal and Drohobitzer.

Ronaud's lawyer's legal costs and fees bid filed on Friday to withdraw criminal charges alleging that Mallorga had signed a nondisclosure agreement and had been sexually assaulted in 2010. Reduce the $ 375,000 hash money payments you receive.

"Given Stobal's abuse and serious misconduct, Ronaldo reimburses Ronaldo for his need to protect himself from his nasty and malicious acts. You must be personally responsible for ensuring that you receive it, "said Cristiano's reimbursement claim. He worked about 1,200 hours and aggregated his attorney's fees between $ 350 and $ 850 per hour.

Mallorga civil proceedings (filed in state court in 2018 and transferred to federal court in 2019) ultimately sought more than $ 25 million in damages and Stobal's attorney's fees. I did.

Ronaldo or his associates are based on a document obtained by German news agency Der Spiegel in April 2017 from a court filing document called the "Whistleblower Portal." A football leak that claimed to have violated a nondisclosure agreement before publishing an article entitled "The Secret of Cristiano Ronaldo."

Ronaldo's lawyer has accused Ronaldo of repeatedly attempting to obtain stolen material, including privileged communication between the lawyer and the client, attach it to court documents and make it public. increase.

A second court filed on Friday requires Dorsey to seal some of the court's records, including confidential documents.

Leslie Mark Stovall was punished for “bad-faith conduct” and the use of “purloined” confidential documents that the judge said tainted the case beyond redemption.

Mallorga is a former model and teacher living in the Las Vegas area. She said her proceedings alleged that she met Ronaldo at a nightclub and went to his hotel suite with him and others, where he attacked her in her bedroom. She was 25 at the time. He was 24 years old.

Ronaldo's legal team did not object to Ronaldo's meeting with Mallorga and having sex in June 2009, but claimed to have reached an agreement.

Ronaldo is now 37 years old and is one of the world's highest-paying and famous sports stars. He has played for Manchester United in the English Premier League and is the captain of his national team in Portugal. He has been playing in Italy for the last few years at the Turin-based club Juventus.

Ronaldo's fixers initially paid Mayorga a settlement in hush money.
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Las Vegas police then investigated rape The Mallorga proceedings were filed in 2018, but Clark County district lawyer Steve Wolfson decided not to pursue criminal accusations in 2019. He said it took too long to prove the case to the jury beyond reasonable doubt.

Stovall claimed that Mallorga did not break the Hush Money settlement. Her proceedings accused Ronaud and the "corrector" of reputation protection for plots, defamation, breach of contract, coercion, and fraud, and attempted to invalidate them.

After Mallorga filed a proceeding in 2018, a Las Vegas police report summarizing Ronaud may still be published under a proceeding in a Las Vegas state court. ..

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is asking judges to determine if they need to comply with the New York Times' requirements for public records. The ministry claims that it was not charged in the proceedings.

In March, a judge in Las Vegas, USA, said a protection order that Dorsey imposed an order to prevent the 2010 agreement from being lifted would not prevent the department from releasing the file.

The Las Vegas Review Journal is also part of the case. Newspaper lawyer Margaret McCretey did not immediately respond to her message.