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Rudolph Giuliani's alleged attacker walks freely after the price has been reduced

Shopright workers arrested for hittingRudy Giuliani's back in a Staten Island supermarket were charged on Monday. After being downgraded, I walked freely from the courtroom.

Daniel Gil, 39, in ShopRite uniform after Sunday's arrest, refuses to bow his head and answer questions when he leaves the Staten Island Criminal Court after Monday's prosecution. did.

His allegations were downgraded to three assaults, three threats, and two harassments against a camera-captured attack in a supermarket.

Gil, without parole, was initially charged with a second assault involving a person over the age of 65. Gil goes to his own perception.

Daniel Gill is pictured leaving court
Gabriella Bus
Daniel Gill is pictured in his mugshot
Daniel Gil Initially arrested for a second assault on the attack, the prosecution was downgraded on Monday.

"It looks like a slap on his back, not a slap," Gil's defense lawyer, Susan Platis, claimed during the prosecution.

"This is not a criminal contact. It is unlikely that you were injured by the contact, so it is not straightforward to call this assault a third or intimidating one. "

However, the prosecutor claimed that" the assault was inherently aggressive. "

"The defendant hit Giuliani's back, causing him pain and imbalance. [Giuliani] took a step forward to stabilize himself. .. At that time, the suspect was him. "What's wrong?" Said Darren Albaniji, assistant district attorney, to the judge.

The former Mayor of New York refused treatment in the field, but the day after the trial he complained of swelling and "much more pain," Albanige added.

After Giuliani called to trap Gil before, he said he could easily be killed if he was laid on the floor.

Rudy Giuliani speaks to police after being struck on the back at a Staten Island ShopRite on Sunday afternoon while campaigning for his son.
Rudy Giuliani was beaten on his back during his son's campaign at Shoplight on Staten Island on Sunday afternoon and then police. Talk to.
Video surveillance allegedly shows ShopRite worker Daniel GiIl slap Rudy Giuliani on the back
Video surveillance shows that ShopRite worker Daniel GiIl slapped Rudy Giuliani on Sunday.

"This man should be in jail," Giuliani said at a virtual press conference prior to Gil's court appearance.

Former federal prosecutors also blamed the downgrade of the indictment, saying, "Finally, DA, a true DA in favor of protecting victims and not releasing criminals, is Staten Island, New York.

Trials broke out on Sunday afternoon when Giuliani was visiting Shoplight as part of his son Andrew Giuliani's New York Governor's campaign.

Former Paul said he had just come out of the men's room in the store when he was suddenly struck from behind.

Surveillance footage captured a man who hit Giuliani across his back before leaving.

Giuliani claimed that the man who was working at the time began to say that the former mayor "killed women" because of his opposition to abortion.

This trial occurred days after the US Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling.