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Russell Westbrook's wife Nina provokes Skip Bayless and fights back

Skip Bayles has recently been on a scorching earth against Russell Westbrook and the Lakers on Twitter – and Nina Westbrook had enough.

On Wednesday night, Bayless aimed at Lakers' draft choice, Max Christie of Michigan State University, by comparing his poor shooting index to that of Westbrook. Bayless decided to use his infamous nickname "Westbrick" when referring to NBA stars. Westbrook further inspired Twitter Beefby answering Bayless, "Don't say anything you don't say to my face here."

Russell's wife, Nina Westbrook, complained of her discomfort on Thursday.

Russell and Nina Westbrook
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Skip Bayless
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"I'm very sorry to choose to keep ashaming my family's name," sheresponded to Bayless's tweet. I am writing in. "It's very hurt."

Nina and Russell Westbrook are emotional people, but some of the attention-grabbing athletes, whether positive or negative. , Is attracting attention. Bailes is targeting many other players who are blind to his criticism.

The Westbrooks, who behave like "Westbrick", are a personal attack on their character&I take them seriously

— HolidayHerro 🎅🏻 (ReadBleach) (@TheBeardsBeard)June 25, 2022

Why do they behave as if Skip came up with the "Westbrick" nickname? Fans have left him for years

— Michael Hackman (@ kXNGHACKY95)June 25, 2022

The only way West Brooks can prove Bayless's mistake is in court. Russell Westbrook wants him to bounce back and prove that the person he dislikes is wrong.