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Russia focuses on Ukraine's Donetsk Oblast

The British Department of Defense adopted on Tuesday to occupy almost all of Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine in order to achieve the goal of Russia controlling Donetsk Oblast and retaining the entire Donbus. Areas that said they were expecting to use the same tactics they did.

"The battle over Donbus is characterized by slow progress, Russia hiring large numbers of cannons and leveling towns and cities in the process," the ministry said in a statement. rice field. "The fighting in Donetsk will almost certainly continue like this."

Russian President Vladimirputin wins in Luhansk on Monday as Ukrainian troops withdraw from the last base in Lysychans'k city. Was declared.

Ukraine said Russian troops are now trying to move forward in the Donetsk region of Siversk, Fedrifka and Bakumut. About half of these are dominated by Russia.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin at a video conference on Monday that Russian troops ruled Luhansk. Putin then said in Luhansk that troops that "participated in active hostilities and achieved success and victory" should "rest and improve their fighting ability."

Ukraine's Governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Haidai, told The Associated Press on Monday that Ukrainian troops had withdrawn from Lysychans'k so that they would not be surrounded.

"There was a risk of siege of Lysychans'k," said Haidai, explaining that Ukrainian troops may have remained for some time, but could have caused too many casualties.

"We were able to make an intensive withdrawal and evacuate all the injured," Haidai said. "Since we have regained all the equipment, the withdrawal was well organized from this point on."

Heidi tells Reuters that there is nothing significant in losing Lysychans', and Ukraine said it needed to win the overall war, not the fight for the city.

"It hurts very much, but it hasn't lost the war," he said on Monday.

The Ukrainian Army General Staff said Russian troops were bombarding the major Ukrainian bases of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk deep in Donetsk, in addition to pushing towards Siversk, Fedrifka and Bakumut. ..

Ukrainian officials said on Sunday that six people, including a nine-year-old girl, were killed in a Russian attack on Slovyansk and another 19 were injured. Kramatorsk was also bombarded on Sunday.

A British Ministry of Defense intelligence briefing on Monday called the conflict in Donbus "crushing and exhausting" and said it was unlikely to change in the coming weeks.

According to military analysts, the Russian army has a great advantage in firepower, but not in the number of troops. Ukraine hopes to counter Russia's onslaught in Donbus with a continuous supply of ammunition from Western countries, including the United States.

Zelenskyy said in a video speech every night on Monday that despite the ongoing fighting, his country needs financial assistance to begin rebuilding.

"Ukraine's reconstruction is not only about what needs to be done after the victory, but also about what needs to be done now, and with the whole democracy, this with our partners. You have to do it, the world, "he said.

Last Monday, Zelenskyy spoke in a video at a conference in Lugano, Switzerland, focusing on what is needed to rebuild Ukraine.

"Reconstruction of Ukraine is not a local mission of a single country," he said. "It's a common task throughout the democratic world."

Ukraine's Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said in a two-day meeting that began on Monday that Ukraine's recovery is "already estimated at $ 750 billion." I'm doing it. "

This conference brings together leaders from dozens of countries, not just international organizations and the private sector.

Also on Monday, Zelensky met with President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee. Thomas Bach visited Kieu to show his support for Ukraine.

Bach vows that the Ukrainian flag will "fly high" at the 2024 convention in Paris, and the IOC has tripled the funds to allow Ukrainian athletes to compete. I have announced that I will do it.

Zelenskyy said 89 athletes and coaches died in the war with Russia.

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