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Russia's strike against the Mariupol Theater in Ukraine was a war crime, says Amnesty International

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Thebombing of a theater in Mariupol, Ukraine, evacuated hundreds of civilians in the early weeks of Russia's invasion, but "apparent war crimes. "It was equivalent to Amnesty," said Amnesty. Report released on Thursday. 

Human rights groups interview dozens of survivors of the attack and analyze satellite images, radar data, architectural blueprints of structures, and video evidence to conclude. I put it out. 

"Many people were injured and killed in this relentless attack. Their death may have been caused by Russian troops targeting Ukrainian citizens. Is high, "Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnès Callamar said in a statement Thursday. 

"The International Criminal Court, and anyone else in charge of the crimes committed during this dispute, should investigate this attack as a war crime. You must be responsible for causing such deaths and destruction. ""

The theater in Mariupoli, the main port city on the Azov Sea coast, escapes violence, food, water and evacuation. It became a meeting place for civilians who were looking for a place. 

On the morning of March 16, Amnesty International believes that two 500 kg bombs were dropped into the theater byRussian tactical fighters

"There was no legitimate military purpose near [Theatre]. There was no significant military presence inside or near [Theatre] at the time of the attack or for several days before the attack. I did. Attack. " 

Ukraine states that it destroyed a Russian landing ship near Snake Island

"Children" was written in a large Russian letter on the ground outside the theater for at least three days leading up to the attack. 

Russia claimed that itsarmy captured Mariupolin late May after about two months of fierce fighting. 

  • Azovstal Mariupol Ukraine

    Donetsk military personnel so from the besieged Mariupol's Azovstal Ironworks in Mariupol, under the jurisdiction of the Donetsk People's Republic government in the east. I'm standing not far away. Ukraine, Wednesday, May 18, 2022.  (AP photo)

  • Mariupol attack damage

    A member of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Affairs walks near the destruction May 11 A house in Mariupol, Ukraine, Sunday and Thursday. (Reuters / Alexander Elmochenko)

  • Mariupol destruction

    Russia supports in Mariupol, Ukraine, where some of the destroyed tanks and burned vehicles sit in the area Aine dominated by separatist forces, Saturday, April 23. (AP / Alexei Alexandrov)

The estimated number of deaths is It's very different. According to Amnesty International,at least 12 people have died, but the actual numbers are likely to be much higher. The Mariupol City Council said 300 people had died, but an Associated Press survey concluded that as many as 600 people had died. 

The Russian Defense Ministry denied that their troops attacked the theater instead of accusing the Ukrainian troops of blasting the building. 

The Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. did not return a request for comment on Thursday's Amnesty International report. 

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International Criminal Court and UN Human Rights The Council began investigating alleged war crimes in Russia in May. 

Attorney GeneralMerrick Garland visited Ukrainelast week and reaffirmed US support in a meeting with Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Benedictova. 

"The United States, and the world, saw many horrifying images and read the tragic explanations of the atrocities and deaths that resulted from Russia's unjustified invasion of Ukraine," Garland said. Said in a statement. "There is no hiding place for war criminals."

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