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Russian superyacht seized by the United States arrives at San Diego Bay

The seized Russian super yacht arrives in Honolulu

It was seized by the United States from Russia's Oligalhi, which was licensed as a super yacht for $ 325 million, and arrived in San Diego Bay on Monday.

Amadea, 348 feet long (106 meters long), flew the American flag as it sailed under the Coronado Bridge past the retired aircraft carrier USS Midway.

"After a trip over 5,000 miles (8,047 km) across the Pacific Ocean, Amadea is safely docked to a port in the United States and is under the control of the U.S. government until the expected confiscation and sale. "It will stay at the Ministry of Justice," the Ministry of Justice said in a statement.

The FBI linked Amadea to Russia's Oligalhi Sreyman Kerimov, who shipped the ship in March to seize Russian assets. It became the target of the launched Task Force Crept Capture. Oligalhi to put pressure on Russia to end the war in Ukraine. The United States said Kerimov secretly bought a ship through various artillery companies last year.

However, the Justice Department officials were in trouble due to legal efforts to challenge the US seizure warrant and the yacht crew who refused to sail. American officials won a court battle in Fiji earlier this month to steal a super yacht with the flag of the Cayman Islands. 

When Amadea, a super yacht connected to Russian billionaire Sreyman Kerimov, arrives at the port of Honolulu in Hawaii, the crew Members prepare mooring ropes, June 16, 2022. EUGENETANNER / AFP via Getty Images

Amadea stopped at the port of Honolulu on his way to the mainland United States. Amadea is a gorgeous feature of such as helipads, mosaic tile pools, lobster tanks, pizza ovens, etc., surrounded by "delicate marble and stone" decorationsWe are proud of  . According to court documents, "and" precious wood and delicate silk cloth. "

"Successful seizure and transportation of Amadea is a foreign partner in a global effort to enforce US sanctions imposed in response to Russia's provocative and unjust war in Ukraine. It wouldn't have been possible without the extraordinary cooperation from, "said the Department of Justice.

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