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A cheeky girl, 4 years old, flips a bird over to her dad — is it "cheerful" or "rude"?

TikTok's videoshows a 4-year-old girl flipping her fatherwith her middle finger, causing a sensation on the Internet. rice field.

Nia Matangi makes a rude gesture in a video shot by her fatherIlai Matangi,during her family game of rugby in Queensland, Australia last week. Did.

In a clip posted by Ilai on TikTok, she can see Nia crying after hurting her knee during her game.

After Elai tells the young man to "harden", she snaps back energetically. noisy! "

Naughty Nia looks down at the camera and then lifts her middle finger to her dad.

But dad seems angry at the rude gesture. I couldn't see it and laughed instead.

This clip has over 6 million views on TikTok, many of which are hysterical by Nia's antiques.

Nia Matangi made the rude gesture in footage filmed by her dad, Ilai Matangi, during a family game of rugby in Queensland, Australia last week. Her mom is seen tending to her hurt knee.
Ilai Matangi / SWNS
The clip has quickly clocked up more than six million views on TikTok, with many left in hysterics by Nia's antics.
Ilai Matangi / SWNS

"She knows how to hold herself in any situation. Lumao pays homage with her fingers!" Written by one person.

"She is cheerful ... she must have a lot of laughter with her!" Another worshiper was enthusiastic.

But not everyone was interested in the video, and some said Elai's parenting style was too loose to discipline her daughter.

"Some of the kids these days don't even have a basic level of respect," said one person as "rude."

"She knows how to hold herself in any situation. Lmao salutes with her fingers!"

2 The second critic said, "If my parents did it, I would have been driven into the next decade."

Elai told Southwest News Agency that she did not expect unwanted commentary from critics.

"I've mainly ironically replied to some of the criticisms of the comments, but in fact, I have nothing to say to them," he said.

"I think people are worried about her fingers because she is a kid and shouldn't. I agree, but it's back in context and depending on the situation. It was a thing, "continued the father. "I don't consider myself a strict parent, but there are boundaries and values ​​that teach my children. My wife is a stricter parent than I am."

The youngster hurt her knee during a family game of rugby.
Ilai Matangi / SWNS

Meanwhile, Dad declares that he loves young Nia and is wrapped around her finger. increase.

"The same finger she turned me over!" He joked.