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Second rare orange lobster rescued from Red Lobster restaurant

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Another rare lobster saved from being someone's dinner.

A staff member at Red Her Lobster Restaurant in Meridian, Mississippi recently found an orange lobster inside a shellfish in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Smokies contacted her Ripley's Aquarium. to save living things.

This lobster was named Biscuit after the restaurant chain's iconic Cheddar Bay his biscuit. Especially since the name Cheddar was recently rescued from another orange lobster. Florida Red Lobster last month. 

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Orange lobsters arethought to be only 1 in 30 million, so Ripley's Aquariums began studying orange lobsters. , said it would investigate further on color anomalies, according to a Ripley's press release.

A Red Lobster restaurant in Mississippi recently found an orange lobster among the others, and brought it to Ripley's Aquarium, where it was given the name Biscuit.44}

A Red Lobster restaurant in Mississippi recently found an orange lobster, among other things, and brought it to Ripley's Aquarium, where it got the name Biscuit. (Ripley's Aquarium)

"Orange lobsters are rare, but they may not be as rare as you first thought," says the Smokies. Jared Durrett, Livestock Director at Ripley's Aquarium, said in a statement. 

Rare lobster saved from dinner at Red Lobster: "1 in 30 million" 

Darrett continues, "Lobsters get their color from the pigments they get from their diet. Combined with lobster genetics, it's the orange coloration we see." 67} explained that he partnered with lobsters to find out more about what they eat that turns them orange.


``At the world's largest restaurant company, you see a lot of lobster. Nicole Bott, Senior Director, said: 

Restaurant manager Mario Roque is pictured with Cheddar the lobster, which was found at his restaurant in Hollywood, Florida, last month. 

Restaurant manager Mario Roque pictured with cheddar cheese Lobster found at his restaurant in Hollywood, Florida last month.  (Red Lobster)

"I've heard from fishermen in areas where both cheddar and biscuits have been caught that they see a lot of orange. Lobster at this time of year," Bott added. 

"This seems to indicate that the coloring is coming from another food source."

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In a press release, Ripley's said Biscuit was adjustingIt will be on display at her new home at Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg later this year.

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