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Secret dating code singles are using to hook up at the supermarket revealed

Supermarket shopper
A reality star has revealed the secret codes singles use at the supermarket. Getty Images

There’s plenty of things you can pick up at the supermarket these days – including an eligible partner apparently.

The trick to finding a single person who is ready to mingle while grabbing your groceries is a “secret dating code” that only those with their eyes on more than just their shopping lists know about.

Former Bachelor star Brittany Hockley shared the surprising hook-up technique after she discovered there are hidden meanings behind placing a bunch of bananas, a pineapple or a peach in your cart if you’re single.

Banana cart
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“You can go and pick up in a supermarket and there are all these secret signs and signals – depending on what you have in your cart,” Brittany said on the Life Uncut podcast that she co-hosts with fellow Bachelor alum Laura Byrne.

“You have to get a cart and you go to the fruit aisle. If you pick up a bunch of bananas, if they are upright, so the curves facing up in the top cart, this means you are single.

“Now if you just want to buy bananas but you’re not looking, you turn them the other way down – so that means you are not open.”

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Other signals – that Britt said people in the “singles club” use – include placing an “upside down” pineapple in your cart.

“If you have a pineapple, upside down in your cart, you are telling everybody that you are a swinger and you are open to swinging,” she explained.

But if you’re looking for a relationship, you need to grab a peach, revealing you place the fruit in the cart of the person you’re interested in.

However, while the podcast host and recent author pointed out, there are issues with this “secret” dating trend.

“This is my question, what if he doesn’t have a bunch of bananas upright? What happens? You’re just throwing peaches out left, right and center?” she joked.