Secret Service Interrupt Donald Trump Press Conference After Person Shot Outside White House Grounds

Donald Trump cut his press conference short and he was escorted out the White House briefing room by Secret Service after a shooting just outside of the grounds.

Several minutes into his remarks, Trump was interrupted by a man, apparently a Secret Service agent, appeared just off the side of the president asked him to come with him. Trump left the room. As reporters scrambled to see what was happening, they reported that the doors to the briefing room were locked.

After several minutes, Trump returned to the briefing room.

“There was a shooting outside of the White House and it seems to be under control,” Trump said.

He said that the person was shot by the Secret Service and taken to the hospital. He said that he was taken to the Oval Office. Fox News’ John Roberts also heard the shots, the president said.

“The suspect is now on the way to the hospital. There was no one else injured and there was no law enforcement injured,” Trump said.

Trump said that he was taken to the Oval Office.

“You were surprised. I was surprised also. I think it’s pretty unusual,” Trump said.

He said that it was his understanding that the suspect was armed. “It might not have had anything to do with me,” he said.

More to come.

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