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Oklahoma serial killer pleads guilty to three coldcase murders in Texas

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Oklahoma convict on death row serial killers were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for threecold case murdersin Texas on Wednesday. 

William Reese, 62, appears in Galveston County court when he admits to killing 12-year-old Laura Kate Smither and 17-year-old Jessica Lee Kane. , Fox Houston reported. Later that day, he also admitted that he was in court in Brazoria County and killed 20-year-old Kelly Ann Cox. 

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in each case. 

During the five months of 1997, violent crimes occurred, during which Reece killed four peopleand kidnapped another. He previously worked in Oklahoma Prison for raping two women. 

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Jessica Lee Cain, Kelli Ann Cox and Laura Smither were killed by William Reece in Texas decades ago. Reece admitted to the murders on Wednesday. 

Jessica Lee Kane, Kelly Ann Cox, Laura Smither was killed by William Reese in Texas decades ago. Reese admitted the murder on Wednesday.  (Texas DPS and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation)

In 1998, he was convicted of Sandra Support'skidnapping. I did. .. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison. 

Reese began working with prosecutors a few years ago and confessed to the murder in Texas in exchange for a more generous ruling. He was temporarily released from state prison to a local law enforcement detention center to help search for Cain and Cox.

In 2021, he was sentenced to death in Oklahoma for the death penalty of Tiffany Johnson in Oklahoma City.

Smither's body was discovered in 1997, more than two weeks after returning from a morning run in Friendswood, a suburb of Houston. 

In July 1997, Cox was in prison in Denton, Texas, with her fellowclassmates at the University of North Texaswhen she disappeared. I left the tour. Upon arriving at her car, she noticed that her key was left inside her. She walked across the street to the gas station and she called her boyfriend, but she was never seen again. 

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Cain disappears after attending a party at a restaurant on August 17, 1997. I did. While he was driving, it turned out that he was abandoned. In 2016, Reese led authorities to her body in Houston and Cox's body in Brazoria County.