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Serious crime at NYC schools spikes 16% due to burglary, larceny surges

Serious crime at New York City public schools surged 16% last fiscal year — with burglaries and grand larcenies going through the roof, according to troubling new data reviewed by The Post.

There were 402 reported major crimes on school grounds during the fiscal year ending June 30, compared to 346 in the previous 12 months, according to department records.

More than half of the crimes were grand larcenies or burglaries.

Grand larcenies shot up 53%, from 102 incidents in fiscal 2022 to 151 in fiscal 2023, while burglaries surged by 76%, from 37 to 65.

Among the schools reportedly targeted by burglars was Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy in the Bronx, which experienced at least 11 break-ins last school year.

A slew of break-ins at other Bronx schools have targeted calculators and other school items.

Parent advocate Mona Davids, who heads the NYC School Safety Coalition, called the findings “alarming.”

“Burglaries up, grand larcenies up . . . that’s not normal and children are feeling unsafe. [The city] needs to do something,” she said.

The NYPD said most of the thefts happened overnight when no staff and students were in the buildings.

Critics blamed the increase in major felonies on soft-on-crime policies pushed into law by lefty state polls over the past few years.

“It’s deeply troubling to see a rise in felonies within our schools, especially when just a few years ago this was not a significant issue,” said Queens Councilman Robert Holden, a moderate Democrat.

“The recent push to defund the police, eliminate school safety agents, and laws like ‘Raise the Age’ have definitely contributed to this alarming trend.”

There were 27% fewer rapes, 10% fewer felony assaults, and robberies fell by 22%.

Car thefts on school grounds increased by 20%.

There were no homicides reported at schools the past two fiscal years because most stabbings, shootings, and other violent attacks involving students typically occur near school grounds — not on them.

As of February, three students were slain near city schools during the 2022-23 academic year, and at least 18 others were stabbed or shot, The Post has reported.

In the previous school year, one child was killed and eight were shot or stabbed.

The NYPD handled 1,683 lower-level criminal incidents at city schools last fiscal year, a 4.2% decrease from the previous 12 months — but still 9.4% higher than pre-pandemic levels in fiscal 2019, according to the annual report released last week by the Mayor’s Office that charts department performance.

Non-criminal incidents handled by cops – such as missing persons and mental health issues – have surged — from 4,202 in fiscal 2019, to 5,965 in fiscal 2022 to 6,779 in fiscal 2023.

The new Mayor’s Management Report also notes that accidents involving students also exceed pre-pandemic levels.

There were 48,710 student accidents in fiscal 2023, a 14.7% increase from the previous year and 10.9% higher than fiscal 2019.

When asked about the crime increase, the NYPD said it “continues to work” with the DOE “to secure” school property “and the personal items of staff and students.” DOE did not return messages.