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Sha'Carri Richardson utters so many rants after the World Championship bust

Sha'Carri Richardson joined reporters on Sunday after failing to qualify for the 200-meter final in the US athletics. I gave a fierce speech. Outdoor Championship.

22-year-old sprinter— couldn't move forward at the women's 100-meter event last Thursday — told reporters covering themselves and others. An athlete who asked for more respect.

"I say I need to be more respectful of all athletes when conducting interviews, not just for me, but for all athletes," Richardson said. rice field. "Everyone needs to understand whether they're coming from a win or losing. Athletes deserve much more respect than when everyone comes with the camera facing their face.

"Understand how athletes work before asking questions. Then better understand the fact that they are still humans. It's everyone. Regardless of the fact that she's trying to put something in the article to make money. Thank you. "

Richardson's speech is 100 of women she is her signature event. It was done after not talking to the reporter when he couldn't move forward in meters. She finished fifth in the semi-final heat. Her defeat will keep Richardson away from her world championships.

Richardson advanced Saturday to the semi-finals, but she finished in the tenth fastest time (22.69) in four heats. On Sunday in her semi-finals, Richardson was fifth with 22.47. 

In another post-race video on Sunday, Richardson talked about her eye-catching looks on the track and her next steps.

"As we know this season, girls aren't going to join Worlds, but it's not happening," she said. "There is no doubt that Texas water drops will be splashed overseas.

Sha'Carri Richardson at the USATF Outdoor Championships on June 25, 2022.
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"Honestly, I want to be at the forefront. The sacrificial lamb for years and generations of simple facts has passed and no one has said anything. People literally make money away from the sport and don't worry about the little guy. It's not fair because we all want the same when stepping into the track. We're all next I hope the generation will be myself. "

After the event on Sunday, Richardson promised to be the World Champion in 2022 in a statement last year.

"I know what I'm saying. Richardson tweeted andadded her original statement." I didn't get it, no excuses. Not everyone deserves my story. Next !! "

Richardsonaddedin another tweet, stating that her" attitude is not offensive. " I did.

Thenwent to Instagram, thanked her supporters, and in a video posted in her story, "The journey isn't over yet." Said.

"I can't make an excuse. I'm sorry if everyone was looking for it. It's not who I am. Everyone, congratulations! There's no reason to explain."

Nike's The athlete also spoke to the critics, raising his middle finger two.

"To those who swear they know me&I think my story and truck ruined my life," she sits on the grass and laughs. I wrote it in a video showing the situation. "I'll kiss my ass, but you can't afford it."

Sha'Carri Richardson (right) trailing Gabby Thomas at the USATF Outdoor Championships on June 25, 2022.
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On Sunday, Richardson wrote inanother tweet, she said, "so that fans can really connect [with athletes] and learn sports. [Her] is announcing her own platform. "

Richardson recently targeted USADA (the company behind drug testing and education for Olympic athletes) in social media, calling for "transparency" between organizations and athletes. I did.It happened after her Olympics were interrupted last summer because of a positive marijuana test.