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Sheriffs call a man suspected of deadly shooting two law enforcement officers a "terrorist on duty"

(CNN)Suspected of killing two law enforcement officers and injuring several others in eastern Kentucky Was charged on Friday. Officials said there were several murders, including the killing of police officers and the assault on military animals.

Lance Storz, 49, was indicted in Floyd County Court on Friday morning, explaining his accusations. The judge set his bond in $ 10 million in cash.

It's unclear if Storz, who appeared in the video with multiple bruises and lacerations on his face, has a lawyer. The judge said he would appoint a public inquiry counsel to represent him at a future inquiry.

When Storz fired Thursday night, he was serving a warrant related to a domestic violence incident in the city of Allen, Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt told reporters after hearing. ..

"When they arrived ... they encountered pure hell. They didn't have a chance," the sheriff said, and when the shooting began, the agent was even a suspicious shooter. He added that he was not in contact.

The shooter seems to have a plan, and he "he carried out the plan almost exactly," Hunt said. Sheriffs said it took several hours to figure out where the shooter was firing.

"[Suspect] was a complete terrorist ... he was just a terrorist on a mission," the sheriff said.

The Sheriff's Office has identified the deceased police officers as Floyd County Deputy William Petrie and Prestonberg Police Captain Ralph Frazier.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Prestonberg wrote to the city, "I want to thank the city for the show of support and the overflow of love from the community." He went on to say, "We lost a longtime friend and 39-year law enforcement veteran in Floyd County, Ralph Frazier. He left so many loved ones."

Preliminary investigations conducted by Kentucky police also found that police dogs hit by drifting bullets died as a result of these injuries.

Four other police officers and one civilian were injured,according to state police. Three of the officers remain hospitalized, one is in danger and the other two are in stable condition. The fourth officer was treated and released. State police said civilians were still hospitalized.

Floyd County lawyer Keith Bartley said on Friday morning, "These are humans. These are people with children, spouses, mothers, fathers, and their worlds are never the same. ".

Stapleton identified a police officer in the hospital as Jacob Chaffins, who had just begun his law enforcement career.

Sheriff said one adjutant hiding under a running patrol vehicle ended up with carbon monoxide poisoning.

"Other police officers were injured in other ways, trying to get into or escape from that position," Hunt said. The

agent was finally able to negotiate with Storz with the help of his family after nearly six hours of vigorous shooting, officials said.

Mr. Bartley said that "substantially more" claims would be made. The first "the assault was basically in the middle of the war zone."

Storz, who is in prison in Pike County, will then appear in court for a preliminary hearing at 1:30 pm on July 11.

Authorities said Storz used multiple firearms to attack law enforcement agencies.

"Last night, Floyd County and our brave first responders suffered tragic losses. I want everyone in Kentucky to pray for this community. This is a tough morning for our federation, "said the Governor of Kentucky. Andy Beshear said in a Twitter post on Friday.