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So FBI, why not raid Hunter Biden's house?!

The message was unmistakable at Joint Base Andrews Wednesday, two days after former President Donald Trump's Florida home was raided by the FBI.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with his father, the president, was Hunter Biden, whose home was never raided.

Despite abundant documentary evidence that Joe Biden received millions of dollars from America's adversaries in exchange for influencing his father, Delaware with Joe Biden ties Despite a snail-speed grand jury investigation into his questionable business dealings by state U.S. attorneys, Hunter, who was then Vice President, actively cooperated with the Chinese Communist Party to promote “belt and load” imperialism. The 52-year-old Hunter didn't seem to care about the world, even as it spread the .

In a suit and tie, accompanied by his wife Melissa Cohen and toddler son Beau Biden, he slowly climbs the steps of the presidential plane alongside Joe. , exchanged private jokes, stopped at the top and turned. And, facing the waiting cameras, his father and son linger in their brazen smiles into the world before jetting off for his seven-day vacation to the family's favorite hangout, Kaiwa Island, South Carolina. leave the

There was an implied message that ``we cannot be touched''.

They might have given the middle finger to half the country.

Biden family
Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Political Strike Jobs

Democrats Members and related media Trump in orange jumpsuit photoshopped behind bars, high-fives and backslaps on MSNBC and CNN ever since Monday's Mar-a-Lago raid A magazine cover featuring the is already in the works.

"No one is above the law," they grunted. Unless you're a Democrat.

The fact that neither President Biden nor his handpicked Attorney General Merrick Garland attempted to explain the raid shows that they don't care about optics.

They are nottrying to reassure the American public that eliminating the 2024 Republican presidential candidate is not the job of political blows


They didn't Note that, as polls show, half the country believes the FBI has become the Democrats' personal Gestapo.

They don't care about the political uproar they cause. Because they think they control a corrupt institution that has all the power.

"They don't even hide it anymore," says former New York Emergency Management Agency catastrophe planner, "The P.A.S. Report" podcast, providing deep insight into the state of security. To do.

"But why should they hide it if no one is held accountable? When Democrats do wrong they are not arrested or prosecuted. , to be handled with child gloves is indisputable.And yet everyone in Trump's orbit will be prosecuted."

Donald Trump
Reuters/David 'Dee' Delgado

He told the FBI where to look for classified documents onMar-a-Lago. Human sourcessuggest that the federal government has been monitoring Trump for some time.

"Why did they send people out of Trump's orbit to investigate him? Are you recruiting? They seem to be watching him again, as if in collusion [hoax] with Russia." It is a joke to claim that
They must care about Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, constantly leaking classified information and lying about Hunter's laptop being Russian disinformation.


They need to look out for Hillary Clinton's private his server and lost emails.

They must care that former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied to officials and disclosed classified information.


"Let's be honest," Giordano said. "Many people in America are above the law."[81] But not Trump, the "most investigated person" in American history.

FBI, Department of Justice, Southern District of New York, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Manhattan District Attorney, New York State Attorney General, Georgia officials, two impeachment trials before Congress, and now, January 6th The commission investigated all aspects of the former president's life.

He must be the greatest criminal to ever stand the scrutiny.

FBI Director Christopher Wray
AP/Chris Machian

Trump's personal attorney,Rudy Giuliani,98} After receiving a secret warrant to allow the FBI to spy on his cloud for months, they raided Hunter Biden's house in the early morning and seized all of Hunter Biden's devices except his hard drive.

They charged him nothing, returned all his property after 15 months, and quietly closed an investigation into alleged violations of foreign lobbying.

The process is punishment.

Now, nearly exactly 90 days after the midterm elections, Trump's home is being raided by dozens of his FBI officials for alleged violations of presidential records. It is believed to have been torn over his nine hours by investigators. activity.

Giuliani suspects the FBI was investigating Nancy Pelosi for evidence to support his January 6 Commission mission.

``What are you looking for by tearing his wife's bedroom apart? , I think they want there to be something like a piece of paper out there that says 'Make sure you attend the rally' or 'We are going to the rally, blow this up'.

He does not believe Garland was unaware of the attack. He also doesn't believe he knew the White House.

Pandora's Box

Giordano said most of his retired FBI agents he spoke to said the agency was "no more than a political machine and completely corrupt [meaning]." It is ideologically corrupt," he said. actual mission. It is a division of the Democratic National Committee.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
AP/Mary Altaffer

"The FBI cannot be rescued at this time. FBI You cannot have an organization as powerful as it has been politically weaponized.”

But he said the Democrats had “opened a Pandora’s box.

Giuliani warns that boomerangs will return to Biden.

"Breaking into a former president's home is a political threat."

"Suddenly you are the first US president to introduce a Banana Republic Act to indict your predecessor. We have avoided it for 240 years." Trump didn't do it to Hillary, Ford didn't do it.

"If Trump wins the presidency, the first thing he'll do is build Biden's houses." .”

Here's what the president should be thinking about on Kiawah Island this week.