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Some LA County residents have been asked to suspend outdoor watering for 15 days as utilities attempt to repair a leaking pipeline from the Colorado River

(CNN)Officials overseeing Southern California's water supply cause leaks as drought drags on Leading by example by fixing pipes. A 36-mile "significant imported water pipeline" from the Colorado River.

However, because the water supply will be affected by an "emergency repair," the Southern California Metropolitan Water District has ordered some residents and businesses in Los Angeles County to stay outdoors for 15 days. We are requesting that the watering of the area be stopped.From September 6th, according to astatement issued on Monday.
The Metropolitan said more than 4 million of her people would be affected by the shutdown, including Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Long Beach, Pasadena and San Fernando. Some of these communities are already under mandatory restrictions that came into effect onJune 1. The Metropolitan said these restrictions will continue to be enforced.

“This urgent repair needs to be done to ensure that this infrastructure can continue to serve Southern California for the foreseeable future and for years to come. During this time, we typically have to pump water out of this pipeline to eliminate outdoor water use and expand our limited available water supply,” said Brent Yamasaki, Metropolitan Water System Operations Manager. said in a statement. "We don't take this phone lightly, but it's what we need right now."

After the leak was discovered earlier this year, Metropolitan said it was "making a temporary repair." , has started operating with reduced pipeline capacity while we design and develop a more permanent solution." The pipeline she plans to shut down until September 20th.

Southern California, like much of the West, is facing prolonged drought conditions, with residents and businesses facing desperate demands to cut water consumption in the summer. . Take conservation measures from the authorities. Some counties, including LA County, have already been directed to reduce outdoor watering amid severe supply shortages.

Pipelines bring water from the Colorado River,40 million people with water and irrigate more than 5 million acres of farmland.
As climate change has fueled devastating drought conditions in the West, rivers and their reservoirs have begun to deplete to critical levels. This combined abuse has led federal authorities to enforce mandatory water cuts. This week, the government announced that the river falls under Tier 2 Depletion. This means Arizona, Nevada and Mexico will have to cut back on their water usage starting in January.
California has yet to fall under Phase 2 cuts, but state officials continue to warn of deteriorating water supplies,and other water sources inalso suffers.