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Soros-Backed Prosecutor David Soares Wants New York Criminal Justice Law Amended ASAP

Progressive, black, George Soros-backed Albany County District Attorney David Soares called for a special legislative session to truly reform the state's criminal justice system. joined Mayor Eric Adams' plea for law.

The "black lives" cited to justify the No Bail and Raise the Age reforms are the very people most affected by the violence these "reforms" caused. It's black life," Soares points out. He warns that "the same young people" who have been arrested for "extremely violent behavior" are returning to the streets for the same behavior.

Governor Kathy Hochol has ignored all of the content of the Adams and Soares lawsuit, I'm paying attention to what I believe to be clear). reform intentions).

Incidentally, Soares was one of the first prosecutors in the United States,thanks to Soros funding in 2004.

Major crimes in Gotham increased by 36 this year. , and the number of murders is down a bit, but last year he had 53% more murders than two years ago — and more than in 2017, just before Raise the Age and bail reform began. 67% increase. Toll. Former NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller has called the reform an "atomic bomb" that "put us back ten years" on crime.

It doesn't matter. Joined by Congress Speaker Carl Heastie, Ho-Chol insists all necessary amendments have been made.

Hochul is now saying, "I think Congress wants to make sure New Yorkers are safer." It said it would "consider" any changes. Ha! She is well aware that Heathie opposesanyamendments. He claims that he wants to wait to "see the data" before acting, even though crime statistics have already provenreform to be a nightmare.


Rep. Lee Zeldin, Ho-chol's opponent in the gubernatorial race, vows to amend the law. He rightly equates the words of the government weasel with "spitting in the face of our judicial system."

As Soares points out, lives are at stake — mostly black lives. If Ho-chul and Heathie really care about it, they'll act now.