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Great White Sharks in Southern California are "hanging out" near the beach

Great white sharks
According to researchers, great white shark larvae only swim during the day and do not pay attention to their bodies. Getty Images / Image Source

A group of researchers from California State University, Long Beach, and the University of Minnesota surveyed in June. We found that juvenile sharks tend to spend more time on the coastal beaches of Southern California due to their high food content and low predators.

"They also spend days to months in these nursery habitats, where the water temperature is higher, the species of prey are more abundant, and there are few larger predators along the coastal beaches. It uses a relatively small area to form a loose aggregate, "says the study.

One of the authors of the study, James Anderson, told Fox News that sharks are stretching "a tiny amount" of energy when they are near the coast.

"One of the things we're trying to convey in this treatise is how much these sharks are essentially when living and hanging out at these beach locations in Southern California. It's about being lethargic, and they're really, really, really expanding the minimum amount of energy as much as possible and paying little attention to the people around them, "Anderson said.

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Early in the morning, near sunset, Anderson Shark activity may have recovered and chased prey.

But Anderson said beachers shouldn't be too worried about the findings.

"These animals are usually just cruising during the day and not paying attention to their bodies. They are not really a big threat to me," Anderson said. "So you know, do I always say it's better to know these things than not know them and say they should be worried? No, you need to worry And the evidence and statistics show this. "