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Keep sharks smart: what you need to know when heading to the water

Be Shark Smart sign, Newcombs Hollow, Cape Cod, MA
Authorities warn that sharks may be encountered on the New York coast. Lindsey Nicholson / Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Summer beach season is here Authorities have warned that sharks may be encountered along the New York coast.

On Friday, Nassau County officials reported a possibleshark near Jones Beach.

Additional crew members, including boats, helicopters, and even drones, are out on weekends where police call them "all hands on decks."

FOX Weather's NicoleValdez visits Cape Cod, a popular tourist destination and home of the infamous movie Jaws, to talk with researchers about shark interactions. did.

According to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, shark attacks around Cape Cod have been less than 10 times since 1937, and humans are included in the menu, despite the suggestion of popular movies. Because it is not.

However, although the number is small, huge apex predators frequently inhabit the northeast during this period.

"We see them chasing their own food source, the gray seals on the coast of Cape Cod," said Madipolie of the Atlantic Shark Conservancy. "When the water gets hot off Cape Cod, you'll see great white sharks a little more active near the shore."

Polje and her team tag over 200 sharks across the Atlantic Ocean. I attached and tracked it.

A great white shark swims off the shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts on July 13, 2019.
JOSEPH PREZIOSO / AFP (via Getty Images)

According to the Nature Reserve, swimmers What you can do to tryKeep away from one of these sharks:

  • You can get a warning if you get close to the shore and go outside
  • Swim in groups. Do not go out alone
  • Avoid marine life. Sharks and fish that can feed on sharks
  • Avoid dark, muddy water that cannot be seen through
  • Always pay attention to flags and signs
  • Purple flags indicate that sharks are frequent in the area Means
  • Don't Splash Around
A Great White shark jumps out of the water as it bites a fake decoy seal near False Bay, in this July 4, 2010
CARL DE SOUZA / AFP / GettyImages

And most importantly, listen to the lifeguards if they warn you to get out of the water. Lifeguards are responsible for receiving these alerts directly from the researcher and deciding what action to take if there may be sharks nearby.