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Stephanic bill prevents foreign enemies from targeting the U.S. agricultural industry in the face of global food shortages

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Exclusive:House Republicans, led by Congressman Elise Stephanic, have introduced new legislation to prevent the acquisition of enemies, making U.S. enemies vulnerable to the agricultural industry. Focusing on the forces that must be abusedThursday of an American company in the midst of food shortages in the global supply chain.

"Food safety is national security. We are proud to exploit potential vulnerabilities and confront foreign enemies trying to dominate the agricultural industry." Stephanic told Fox. News digital. 

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"Food security is national security, and I am proud to stand up against our foreign adversaries as they attempt to exploit any potential vulnerability and assert control over our agriculture industry," Stefanik told Fox News Digital. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

"Food safety is national safety and we are proud to confront foreign enemies who are trying to exploit potential vulnerabilities and claim control of the agricultural industry. "Stephanic told Fox News Digital. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images)

"The United States allows farmers to bid for malicious ownership of US assets by China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Can't undermine, especially because we're witnessing the devastating effects of a supply chain crisis, the United States has taken ownership of our food supply to those who don't share our security interests. It is not transferable, "continued Stephanic.

Specifically, the bill prevents China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea from purchasingAmerican agricultural companiesand bans the country. It also lists biotechnology and agriculture as important infrastructure.

In addition, the proposed law includes a provision that makes the Secretary of Agriculture a member of the U.S. Foreign Investment Commission and requires the Secretary to report on the risks of "foreign purchases" of companies within. It has been. Agricultural sector.

"Hostile nations like China continue to threaten our hometown with tactics such as buying American agricultural companies and stealing agricultural research to undermine the economy. Washington must be aware of agricultural security in national security and we have a duty to protect our food supply and the people who produce it. I am Stephanic We are proud to work with lawmakers to pay attention to this serious threat and to protect American agriculture, "Crawford told Fox News Digital.

Farm laborers from Fresh Harvest working in Greenfield, California. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images)

Fresh harvest farm worker working in Greenfield, California. (Photo courtesy of Brent Stirton / Getty Images)

Food security issues have become a national issue in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, and global food It has led to a shortage.

Republican senators warn that Russia is using food manipulation as a weapon in the deadlyinvasion of Ukraineand worsens Working with Ukrainian leaders to pay attention to the global food security crisis.

Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, accuses Russia of using food as a "quiet weapon" aimed at starving civilians and surrendering Ukraine to its troops. did.

In addition, South Dakota Governor Christie Noem recently responded that "food security is national security."

"Americans deserve to be treated by their leaders, concerned about the disruption of our food system, from foreign interference to fires and shortages," Noem said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on the country's transport industry via a video link in Sochi, Russia May 24, 2022. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets on national transport Chaired the industry via videolinks in Sochi, Russia, May 24, 2022.  (Sputnik / Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin via REUTERS)

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The Byden administration is also paying attention to the imminent crisis, and President Byden criticized China's lack of participation last month. With the Minister of Safety.

Byden administration officials called China's move "disappointed, but unfortunately not surprising" to mobilize global food security actions during Russia's Ukrainian war. Led the founded minister in.

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