Steve Hartman on kids and country music lyrics

Steve Hartman and his kids are hooked on country music thanks to Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn. The lyrics about hard-drinking and other real life issues have facilitated some hard, but useful conversations. Steve Hartman reports for “On the Road.” Editor's Note: There has been some concern about the safety of the boys while riding in the vehicle. The boys were both in properly installed child safety seats and the airbags were turned off. The truck does not have a backseat and it is not illegal under NY State law for children to ride in the front seat.

Football news:

The Italian Football Federation will not punish Juve, Milan and Inter for participating in the Super League
Parma scored for Juventus from the penalty spot. Ronaldo stood in the wall and did not jump
The Premier League wants to remove the managers of the big six clubs from the league committees because of their participation in the Super League
PSG President Al-Khelaifi has been elected head of the Association of European Clubs. He succeeded Agnelli
One of the moments that determine the direction of humanity. Forward of the Canadian national team Ricketts on the verdict in the Floyd case
Kimmich on Alaba: Real Madrid is a good choice. Not so many options for a step forward after Bayern Munich
The money for the Super League was promised by the largest US bank - before that, it helped the Americans buy up European clubs