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Steve Hilton says it's time to "completely" return power to the state: "It's the next revolution we need."

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"Next Revolution"Host Steve Hilton said on Sunday that the latestSupreme Court ruling on abortionwas "decentralization" and the return of power. He said he emphasized the importance of. The state makes local decisions on many other issues, including health care and education.


STEVE HILTON:Since he has been involved in the politics of , he has insisted on the decentralization of the power of . Whenever possible, give power directly to the human hand. If that is not possible, put the power of at the lowest practical level of the government and bring it as close as possible to the people of . That is the reason why I chose school . That's why I joined Brexit. That's why I loveAmerica and our Constitution. That is why this week reasserted something basic about American decentralization and was delegated to the United States by the Constitution . Not the reason why power is . Reserved for 76} states or people. What I want to know is why this problem ... needs to return to the state. 

For all other policy areas is ...? When do you want to go back toand bring education back to the state altogether? If the medical, welfare policy of , and the rest of are to be returned, all done by the federal government should not be included in the Constitution and all should be included in the Constitution. is. Completely returned to the state. That is the next revolution we need.

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Steve Hilton's complete below See Confession:

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