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"Stranger Things" shouldn't kill Steve Harrington — or otherwise riot

Netflix has dropped a new trailer for Season 4 Volume 2 this weekStranger Things. At one moment, it bothered me like Vecna's damn grandfather's watch. .. When Robin of Maya Hawkesaid to Steve (Joe Keery): "I have this terrible feeling. It may not work this time." It may not be.Is it really possible that the Hawkins hero won't save the day? After all, StarNoah Schnapp is already teasing"death" coming at theStranger ThingsSeason 4 Finale. The main character of the dyingStranger Things.

Stranger ThingsSince the first seven episodes of Season 4 ended in May, the Duffer brothers have tried to push adolescent characters into the darkest territory ever. It is clear that there is. Max (Sadie Sink) barely escaped Vecna, Will (Noah Schnapp) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) were involved in a fierce machine gun battle, and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) survived the slaughter slightly. A young girl who had to relive the trauma. Stranger ThingsSeason 4 seems to be preparing for the worst, the death of the protagonist. And like Robin, I can't shake the bad feeling that it's going to be my sweet Baboo, Steve Harrington.

Steve is our sweet Stranger Things prince. He has great floppy hair and even better Quip. Steve is a close friend of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Robin, making him a solid ally of Hawkins' greatest weirdos and exiled people. Steve wears a Chips Ahoy sailor suit and looks as good as tearing a monster from his bare torso. Steve is great. Steve is perfect. Steve is my favoriteStranger Thingscharacter and I'm worried he'll die.

Robin, Steve, and Eddie in Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2
Photo: Netflix

Ironically,Stranger Thingspremiered in 2016 At that time, Steve Harrington wasn't the character that I liked even a little. He was a classic disliked jock character. Steve seduced Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and spent time being a Dick of Jonathan Buyers (Charlie Heaton). By the end of the season, Steve had joined the main gang in the fight against Mindflare, but something changed in Season 2. After breaking up with Nancy, Steve becomes friends with the young character of the show and Dustin, who played the role of guardian. By the beginning of Season 3, Steve had become the show's kindest, courageous, and comical force. After learning that she was her gay, he stood by Robin and always saved the young character. Steve just got the best.

That's why I'm so nervous that the Duffer brothers, the creators and showrunners of theStranger Things, are plotting Steve's downfall. Steve is definitely a fan favorite, but as the gang grows older, his purpose at the show is changing. They no longer need babysitters or big children to protect them. (They are real adults.)

In addition,Stranger Thingshas already seeded clues that Steve is the most dangerous character. Masu (after Max). He volunteered to swim in the "Watergate" and was attacked by a monster flying upside down. While Nancy, Robin, and Eddie (Joseph Quinn) saved him, Robin hasn't lost the possibility that Steve was bitten and suffered from "rabies." At some point Steve was actually a little fainted by the injury and it's unclear how well Nancy's makeshift bandages can heal his wounds.

Steve shirtless and in peril in Stranger Things Season 4
Photo: Netflix

If someone dies at theStranger ThingsSeason 4 Finale, Steve is frank It makes sense to say that. He has a habit of selflessly throwing himself into a dangerous path, putting the lives of others first, and suffering untreated magical injuries. Who knows if his bloodstream is poisonous or if he can be ruined in Final Fight simply by being in a debilitated state? Finally, if Steve dies, it not only darkens the situation for the main gang, but also robs them of their most trusted mentors and protectors. So Dustin, Max, Mike, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and others need to step up in Season 5.

Steve's death does more than just hit the Stranger character in the most devastating way. Things, but it will change the energy of the Netflix hit show forever. Given the fact that there are already enough signs that Steve is destined, I can't help but feel that we need to be prepared for the real worst.Stranger Thingskills Steve at the Season 4 finale.

That's why we need to ask the Duffer brothers because we still have the opportunity to tinker with the final post-production edits to save Steve Harrington. Please, Netflix, Steve Harrington, so I and theStranger Thingsgang should be in the presence of Joe Keery in the fifth and final season of the show. Stranger ThingsYou can't kill Steve Harrington in Season 4 — I won't.