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"Stranger Things" brings musician Kate Bush a $ 2.3 million plunge

Singer Kate Bush tapped the 1985 hit "Mysterious Hill" on Netflix's "Stranger Things" Thanks to that, I got a lot of new fans. As a talismanic song for the character Max Mayfield. 

Also, according to Luminate, formerly known as Nielsen Soundscan, the economy will incur about $ 2.3 million in streaming usage a month after the show's latest season is released. I was hit hard. She owns the copyright for her recordings, so she may hold most of that money.isaccording to the music industry publication MusicBusiness Worldwide.

Bush, in ablog post on June 17,, the resurrection of an unforgettable song put it "on the hill" and its quick climb was "some kind of". The power of the elements. "This is a rare twist in the career of a musician who has been praised by critics but hasn't recorded the top 10 hits in the United States —until this year," RunningUp That Hill "first. 37 years after it was released in. 

"While the catalog music stream has increased significantly in recent years, it has grown by 20% annually in 2021 alone. Bush's story took this phenomenon to a new level. "

From Kate Bush's "Mysterious Hill" to the nightmare-inducing Mind Rhea, dear Billy has become the hottest topic in Stranger Things episodes. It's one of the episodes I have.

Now, star Sadie Sink and director / EP Shawn Levy reveal how Max's confrontation with Vecna ​​brought to a terrifying life.

— Netflix (@netflix)June 27, 2022

" He added that the running "The Hill" has become the most streamed song in both the United States and the world. With a $ 2.3 million streaming loyalty between May 27th and June 23rd, a new episode of the show was released on Friday, July 1st, with Bush's continued interest in music. Given the potential for growth, this song has the potential to be even more profitable. .. 

"I can't believe it. I'm number one in the third week," Bushwrote in a blog post on Friday. "In fact, it's all starting to feel a little surreal."

Bush didn't immediately return a request for comment from CBS MoneyWatch. 

According to Music Business Worldwide, Bush owns the copyright of the recording, which is unusual in the recording industry. Therefore, she states that she is likely to hold more than 80% of the recorded music usage fees generated by the recording master.

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