‘Stranger Things’ Creators Discuss Possible Spinoff: “There Are Still Many More Exciting Stories To Tell”

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Stranger ThingsFans, please! It seems that a spin-off of the hitNetflixsci-fi series may be developed soon.

Creators and ShowrunnersMattandRoss Dafferrecently spoke withVarietyto reveal details about potential new projects. .. "There are versions that are being developed in parallel [until Season 5], but we never shoot in parallel," Ross said. "In fact, as soon as I finish these visual effects and finish, I think I'll start digging into it. Matt and I start working on it."

Matt adds: I did. Whether or not it has something to do with Stranger Things? And definitely. I'm very excited to remove the Stranger Things title. But that's not the case ... it's not what everyone expects, including Netflix.

Stranger Thingshas been a hot topic lately as fans are waiting for the last two episodes of Season 4. When it was announced that Season 5 would be the end of the show, Duffers said, "There are more exciting stories to tell in the world of Stranger Things. New mysteries, new adventures, new surprising heroes."

Actor FinnWolfharddidn't say anything about the possibility of spin-offs until Duffers suggested an intriguing idea.

"Finn Wolfhard, he didn't spit. He just said,'I think this will be a cool spin-off,'" Ross said of the actor's new series. He talked about the moment when he guessed correctly. "And we were like," How in the world ... ".

There are no additional details about spin-offs at this time, but at least you can be excited about how the Duffer brothers are excited.

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