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"Stranger Things" plays a game that is too long at the finale of its super-large season

(CNN)"Stranger Things" literally keeps a long game in mind, a quarter of its super-large Incorporated the idea of ​​limiting the season in two vast episodes totaling nearly four hours. Whether it's a reward for the fans or self-satisfaction with the producer is noticeable to the viewer, but after that, many say it's premature to finish things inSeason 5. It's not hard to imagine to conclude.

This season, Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill" has already been transformed into achart top hit 37 years later, but the episode is developed in " It's not "running". It's not a word at all. Rather, it's like walking actively with detours along the way.
In retrospect, the main innovation may be related to scheduling. ThisVolume 1 and Volume 2 approach(first Memorial Day, now July 4th) is for Netflix to make the media attention much longer for the finish run. You really should consider dropping episodes every week.

As the story unfolds in multiple places, the Duffer brothers, the creators of the series, broke the special effects piggy bank, giving the character room to breathe. Explore the problems of more adult teens through a small prism. -The town of Indiana in the mid-1980s.

Still, the show is so far from the deep roots of pop culture that it never knows homage. Faithful "Star Wars".

Without giving anything, this season we've added a deeper level of resonance and higher stakes to storytelling, understanding the fact that extraordinary threats can't be overcome without cost. It seems that. ..

However, the fourth season is lacking at several levels, including Vecna, the main villain who isn't quite similar to the Crypt Keeper in Tales from the Crypt's comics. I feel like I'm doing it. Even though the Cold War revisit proved to be unexpectedly timely, the third season Cliffhanger who sent the hopper (David Harbor) behind the Iron Curtain was too long.

Where does it leave the show? Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown, who wins an Emmy for "concentrated looks" if present) stands bravely between humanity and potential destruction, and is a sweet nerd Mike (Finn Wolfhard). ) And Will (Noah Schnapp).

Flashbacks to Eleven's backstory are one of the most powerful elements of the season, providing further evidence of her tortured youth and the burden placed on her. ..

"She's special. She was born special," Mike said, wondering how much Eleven needed an ordinary man like him, and Mike was the center of their group. I answered that. Probably, but as the observation progresses, neither is wrong.

"Stranger Things" will be Netflix's main asset, and the Hoopla and expectations surrounding the final episode will surely be off the charts.

But in a sense, Season 4 was played like a (very) enhanced preview for it.

Stranger Things will premiere the last two episodes of Season 4 on July 1st.