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Stream or Skip: "On the Count of Three" on Hulu

Jerrod Carmichael has already had a great 2022. His wonderful HBO comedy special Rothaniel was nominated for Primetime for his Emmy Award,Saturday Night for his LiveNow he's on the Count of Three (10) Hulu) to make his directorial debut. This is the story of two best friends' sudden suicide pact met with delay, exposure, and harsh life lessons. And unlikely, there's comedy made out of dangerous moments. At the 2021 Sundance Film Festival,Count of Threewriters Ari Kutcher and Ryan Welch won the Wald His Salt Screenwriter Award, and Carmichael was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. rice field.

count 3: streaming or skipping.

Summary: "It was really hard. I love you man. You're my best friend." And Val (Jerrod Carmichael) and Kevin's (Christopher Abbott) guns stuck in each other's faces show just how close the two are. Val just quit his job at his Ritchie's Seed & Feed. Because an annoying colleague sabotages his attempt to strangle him with a belt in the toilet cubicle. And Kevin, who had been under observation at the facility after a suicide attempt a few days earlier, was willing to take the leap with his best friend when Val showed up and cheered him up. We'll do it right," Val tells Kevin of his double-suicide plan. . That's what inspires the duo to live long enough to kill Dr. Brenner (Henry Winkler), a psychologist who sexually abuses them. Kevin as a child. Val warns his sidekick to make a plan before entering the office, but Kevin says he's going to "spice it up." "Vibrate out." Val sneers. "It's not a weekend at Coachella, it's fucking murder."

When things go wrong in Brenner's office, Val and Kevin get to kill some more time. They go to the shooting range and race their bikes on Dirt he track where he used to work. They carry out an impromptu gas station robbery. And Val is listening to voicemails from his girlfriend, Natasha (Tiffany Haddish), whom he has been avoiding for a week. She's pregnant, which only scares him more.

Spending another day with his best friend, examining his own life and discovering what it really means in it began Val's day. Adjusted the death wish.For Kevin, his problems stemming from sexual abuse and poor upbringing and chronic depression will last longer.Only the joy of riding dirt bikes and frolicking with best buddies may be all that's left for him, but it may not be enough.

What movies do you remember? Gullyincorporates more destruction and hedonism into his coming-of-age story on Prime Video. But like on the Count of Three,makes mental illness and depression personal and includes great performances from Jacob Latimore and Jonathan Majors.

Notable Performances: Jerrod Carmichael is a jaw-dropping figure behind the camera in his directorial debut. But he is fascinated even before that, giving Val a seething, closed grievance.

Memorable Conversation: "I got a call the other night that my best friend had attempted suicide, and I wasn't sad," Val tells Kevin. “I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. I have those thoughts. Think about it all the time, and it brings me comfort. Not waking up is the most beautiful thought I've had in a long time.

Gender and Skin: None.

Our Opinion: Val tells Kevin about a day in his life, so I fill in the silence and tell the story of the day and relive the moment I wish I hadn't lived in the first fucking place After a life spent in therapy and in and out of clinics, he got his lingo, but Val cut him short: "Can we just die?" } Number 3 are skillful at these moments. Two best friends fight back against each other, mingling the profound mental and emotional anguish that brought them both to the brink, childhood memories, and darkness always subtly adhered to their enduring bond. I'm here. "Hey Kevin. Thanks for hitting my dad on the head with a tire iron just now. You're a good friend, man.

Our call: Stream. Often solemn and grim The Count of Threeis incredibly, and often very funny, Jerrod Carmichael's brilliant directorial debut, and he and Christopher Abbott's

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.