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Stream or Skip: Netflix's 'Riverdale' Season 6, Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica's Land Has Something Strange

RiverdaleWith the 6th season coming to Netflix, the popular CW series is set to reach its seventh and final season in 2023. I have news to welcome you. And it sure was a wild ride. That business in Season 5 was literally a smash hit... But as the sixth season unfolded, it seemed like everything was back to normal. Or it is. It's amazing what a twist of the wrong "V" can do to the towns and characters you thought you knew. 

Riverdale Season 6: Stream or Skip.

Opening Shot: "There is a town that exists on the borderlands," says the queer Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) trying his best to Rod Serling. "A place of nightmares and dreams, where folklore and myth carry the weight of fact and truth." Welcome, everyone, toRivervale

. RivervaleThat's right, we're in aTwilight Zonestyle arc asRiverdale's sixth season, Chapter 96, kicks off. (KJ Apa) and Betty (Lily Reinhart) are still living after the explosion that blew their house out at the end of last season. Mantle (Charles Melton) has big plans to open a casino, Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and Fang (Drew Ray Tanner) are dealing with baby Anthony with colic, and Cheryl (Madeleine Petch) is a holy man. She is the fairy queen of a sovereign state. Thornhill's exit from Rivervale. When Betty and Archie observe a dead deer on her land, a blood-scribbled rune completes, and Cheryl warns them with the threat of an archer. If you think that, something else will happen.

Archie is not as easily warned as Cheryl would like. He presents plans to plant new maple trees in Rivervale. This will give you the syrup. Her plan is like trying to steal Kaede's thunder: out in Thornhill, she tells her own accusations that they used maple syrup to appease the "Maple Maiden" and that the woman recently Because she is hungry. Cheryl then demonstrates her potion-making powers, enlisting Toni and Tabitha as allies in the process, though Archie remains suspicious of her purpose. And in the evidence locker at the FBI office, Betty discovers a fertility doll that bears a striking resemblance to "Poppet", which Cheryl had crew fashions and locations in the woods. All that business could be related to ritually sacrificed deer.

Cheryl has a way of making everyone obedient. At Thornhill, where Maple Her Best Her Festival is held, the whole town gathers. There, Archie beats Jughead in a pancake-eating competition. It's 119 hotcakes from Pops to Jughead's 115. Archie also beats Reggie in a shirtless log saw match. Betty steps in to win the crown of Harvest Queen. Instead, Archie receives a pie from Cheryl, a very special pie. In fact, it's a "sin pie" and Archie will soon discover how useful he is in keeping Thornhill and Rivervale's lifeblood alive. 38} Photo: Kailey Schwerman/The CW

What reminds you?With her excellent ensemble cast and closed world-building,Riverdaleis the first of theUmbrella Academy and Similar to highly streamable productions like. 13 Reasons WhyAnd if the sixth season ofRiverdale just arrived on Netflix, remember that the already announced seventh season will be the last. stay here.

Our take: Archers. sovereign state. A place of folklore and mythology. Another Jughead his Jones who weaves scenes and storylines like an invisible narrator floating in the margins. Don't change,RiverdaleWriter's room. But the arc that opens season 6 - Rivervale is here to stay for at least five episodes - is exactly what a comic book-based show is supposed to do, even if it's kind of wacky and overheard. There is... it keeps things fresh and adds another layer of existence with these mysteries. Keep your audience invested in your story. please do not worry. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, showrunner, "Chapter 96" writer,Archie comics his chief creative, told the decider. So why not mess with your audience's heads and expectations?

Going forward, Rivervale, represented by goodness embodied in characters such as Betty, Archie, and Uncle Frank (Ryan Robbins), and a magical mystery represented by the power-hungry Cheryl The split between the shenanigans of Thornhill with an air of sassiness is certainly the most compelling storyline in the sixth season of Riverdale. But on Veronica's part, her relationship with Reggie feels like it's suffering from a few cracks. dubbed "Rivervale's premier power couple." (They even have matching treadmills. It's clear something is afoot with Veronica.

Sex and Skin: In the aforementioned camp moment, Veronica and Reggie hot and heavy on the money, then Betty and Archie head to the tabletop expecting a pregnancy.

Farewell shot: We Rejoined Bizarro Jughead on the outskirts of Rivervale, what he calls "The Shadow Town of Riverdale..."

Sleeper Star: Thornhill Maple Harvest of Mighty Deeds In the middle, let's go with the hunk of pancake dough hanging from the edge of Jughead's mouth, which sounds completely awful because this guy apparently just ate 115 flapjacks.

Most Pilot-like Dialogue: Madeleine Petsch's Cheryl utters rich language such as "Everything that was once fertile is now barren," and her goofy Wicked Witch. "Okay," Cheryl says to Betty, "I'm going crazy for me, too."

Our call: Stream it.As the sixth season of Netflix's Riverdale platform, it's great fun to unfold a shadow story that exists within the larger narrative we're already hooked on. 94}

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