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Streaming or Skipping: In HBO's "Westworld," hosts and humans are still fooling it for social domination.

Westworld, HBO's ambitious sci-fi dystopia by creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy asks in-depth questions about the nature of human beings in balance with society. Returning to the fourth season Greater forces are planning large-scale takeovers, resulting in massive data breaches and radioactive descents from robot uprisings. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright are all back, starringWest Side Storystar Ariana DeBose.

WESTWORLD SEASON 4: Stream or skip. 

Opening Shot:A man looks out over the futuristic cityscape of Las Vegas, Nevada from the window of a spacious modern house. He gets dressed, checks a 9mm mug, and reports to Hoover Dam, where his vast data center of criminal activity resides.

Key point:"Not everyone who has so much money is innocent." The man and his cartel colleague turned out to be William. We are discussing a new client, "The Black Man" (Ed Harris). He arrives at a gorgeous quadcopter made by Delos and demands that the entire data be sold immediately. Something was stolen from him eight years ago. This feature remains encrypted. And William wants to keep it that way. And if the cartels didn't sell, he prepared a tougher way to persuade them.

Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) wakes up in the city, just like New York. In New York, a green promenade meshes with the dark glass and steel of the constructed environment. Most people wear smooth, articulated clothing. Thoughtful and unobtrusive, Christina is a writer for Olympic entertainment at a video game company. She encourages her boss to write more about her violence and sex in the game, even if she's most interested in NPC non-player characters interacting with her main. Attractions. She encourages her to go out and meet people, and Christina's roommate Maya (Ariana DeBose) gestures to the city. "Look at this world. No one wants to be easy. Or nature. Art is a lie that tells the truth. And real life can be disappointing."

Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) ), Real life now sits quietly in a rural hut, but she always knew someone would come. And when they do, she crushes Leader and Jack into his host cortex, which reveals that the killing team was sent by a black man. She burns the cabin and looks for Caleb (Aaron Paul), a soldier-turned HVAC repairman who loves her wife and daughter but does not fully consider his past violence. When the perpetrator attempts the life of Caleb's daughter, Mave appears to run through him with a sword, and then tells her that a black man has returned to her old ally. It's a number. "As soon as I stop running, everyone else starts catching up."

Returning to her city, Christina is indignant at the man calling her. "Why are you doing this to us?" He shouts, but she doesn't remember doing anything to him. Later, she takes notes for a new story. She finds everything the protagonist is looking for and wants a happy ending where everything makes sense. And just then, her past individual escapes from the shadows.

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Season 4
Photo: HBO

Reminds you of what you see.In the reputed Apple TV + seriesSeverance, Almighty companies ruin employees' memories, separate work and personal life, and hide pretty big secrets. .. And in 2020, Alex Garland broughtDevsto Hulu, putting together a sophisticated visual package of bigger questions about human determinism.

Our view: Westworldis already set in the future. But now that it has advanced into its own future for several years, its storytelling fragments have their own history. Evan Rachel Wood's Christina, formerly known as Westworld theme park host Delores Avanasy, she escaped from her restrictive story, was sensitive, and led a robot rebellion. .. Does Christina depend on whether Delores' internal consciousness is old or new? Thandiwe Newton's Maeve is a liberated host and is still fighting in the robot-human war. And now that the host has secretly infiltrated the highest levels of human society, she has more to do. It no longer matters if she can exist or how she can exist. Mave has overcome all of this and is looking at what the greater evil is brewing. Ed Harris's black guy has always been psycho, but his version ofWestworld, which appears in Season 4, weapons his madness as completely reckless. This series is still pursuing answers about the nature of the sparks of life. But before we get to the big picture, we'll have to fight a few different battles.

WestworldElsewhere in the world, watch characters get off a gorgeous quadcopter ride, see what's floating in the air, and hire autonomously. There's a lot of fun that can be gained from observing Christina on the sedan, and it takes to investigate the lead outside the town of her stalker. The show can provide a nightmare vision of the future – evil sensibility robots, uncontrollable social algorithms, and pharmacological "tabs" for managing any real or imaginary illness. But much of that vision is just fine-tuning and refining what's already happening. Are we also heading for a war with machines? Maybe not. However, you may also use a flying car to get there. 

Gender and skin:None.

Farewell shot:Christina stands on the emergency stairs overlooking the city at night. "I want to write a new story," she tells her recording device. "About the girl. The girl you are looking for. The girl you do not know what you are looking for. She only knows that there is emptiness in her life." What memories does Christina have about Delores? Are you sure?

Sleeper Star:Aaron Paul is caged in Caleb, where post-traumatic stress fights the character's character well, fighting for domestic bliss and a desire for hair triggers and space. Ready to return to an attack that will bring you such fatigue. 

Most pilot lines:"The past is the past. There is nothing to hurt you other than your own heart." Caleb's wife desperately does this. I want to believe, but in fact, inWestworld, the past never disappears, and the harm is clearly not in the human mind.

Our call:STREAMIT. Led by the powerful work of Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton and Aaron Paul, the sophisticated visual aestheticWestworldis with his cool weirdness every time the plot begins to chase his tail. You can proceed by inertia.

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