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Eduardo Escobar, who had a hard time meeting, is confident that he will regain the shape of an All-Star.

Eduardo Escober does not ask to sit on the Mets bench for a match or two just to keep his head clean.

But how long can the 1st-placed Mets go before telling the struggling third baseman to sit much longer than a break? The clock that needs to be changed in the lineup seems to be getting bigger every time the utility infielder Luis Guillorme, who has been hitting 6 games in a row, starts.

"I think I'm essentially giving up on'resting for a couple of days'" after losing to the Astros 5-3 on Wednesday, Escobar said through an interpreter. You need to be there.

Mets was hit by a two-game sweep against Houston, causing Escobar to fall into a slump of 4 to 33, boosted by leaving nine runners at the base. In the same span until June 11, the slap guillome is 32 to 12 and is .781 OPS, which rises above Escobar's .381.

This is essentially a microcosm of performance during the season. Escobar (.231 at 275 at bats) and Guillom (.333 at 158 ​​at bats) brought batting averages more than 100 points away during the day before Thursday. Start the series in Miami.

Eduardo Escobar

"I can't really say why the result is I wasn't there, "Escobar said. "I certainly had the opportunity to put the team in a good position, and it just didn't happen. I haven't got results yet. It's my responsibility to understand this. That's what I plan to do. The question that Mets has to answer is whether this is the case for an 11-year veteran who should be trusted to understand his struggle. A disturbing alternative is that the plunge begins just a year after his first All-Star selection.

Behind the baseball card, the answer is simple. Escobar's proven 162-game average includes 31 doubles, 20 home runs, 72 runs and 77 RBIs. This is the power to make up for his average of 0.255. The total career of 227 games in Guillom (more than 5 seasons) is 24 extra-base hits, 53 runs and 29 RBIs.

However, vision tests provide another story for fans who are wondering if it's time to at least evenly distribute play time. Buck Showalter, the Mets manager, said he was considering giving Escobar a spiritual break.

"I understand the frustration of the fans," Escobar said. "I'm a professional baseball player, so I'm trying to do everything I can. One day I'll give them a reason to support me."

Consistent Pete Alonso from the 5th hole For the Mets who haven't yet found a bat to support and support, sooner or later it will be good. Mark Canha and Guillom were responsible for the previous two games as Escobar fell to seventh place.

"I wish I could somehow tape everything [Girom] tells me when he's in the hall and preparing to go to the deck." Recently told "His heart is always in baseball and he's thinking about possible situations. He might ask me about the play that was in the highlight. He's engaged in baseball."