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Summer trip: How to pack this vacation bring-in (and nothing more!)

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Have you ever had a hard time putting your clothes, shoes and toiletries in your carry-on baggage before your flight? 

Now that summer travel has peaked, many people bring carry-on baggage during this vacation and skip thechecked baggage lineto save time. (And to avoid problems with lost luggage).  

But with atwo-week vacation, how does everything fit in one bag?

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This is the best tip for packing carry-ons only Some of them. Summer when you run away. 

Using a packing cube

A packing cube can be a great hack to get the most out of your carry-on baggage space. there is. 

Are you planning a two-week vacation escape? Workers should think again, experts say,

Amy Chan, a former luxury hotel reviewer based in Vancouver, Canada, has only a small suitcase. , Sometimes I traveled for weeks. She suggested using a packing cube for certain day and night outfits. This saves space and helps organize. 

She also suggested rolling her clothes instead of laying them flat. “This allows for tighter packing, which allows for a better fit and minimal creases,” she said. 

Throw away hair tools

Are you used to taking all your hair tools on vacation? Keep the hair tools at home. 

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Blow dryer, flat iron, hair Everything, such as the iron, occupies the space in the bag. Consider keeping one or more of these at home. 

Most hotels offer hair dryers to guests — and the chance is that you can survive the trip without all the tools at your disposal. Give your hair the long-awaited heat break! 

Wear flat shoes

Are you thinking of bringing high heels or thick boots? 

Choose the flattest shoes you own to take on your trip. This not only saves space for carry-on baggage, but also reduces the weight of the bag. 

Think about it. Anyway, you wouldn't want to lift heavy carry-on baggage into carry-on baggage.

Carry-on luggage can provide simplicity upon arrival at the airport. 

Carry-on baggage is at the airport.  (Andia / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Wear the bulkiest clothes and shoes

There is no such thing as comfort. Large jacket and thick sneakers. Wear the bulkiest clothing on board to save space in your carry-on baggage. 

D.C.-based flight attendant Elainnie Singleterry has been collecting tips and tricks for carry-on baggage over the years. 

"Plan ahead when choosing outfits. Wearing the bulkiest shoes on the plane can give you more space for carry-on baggage," she says. .. 

Plus, that eight-hour flight makes you much more comfortable.

Fill in the extra space

Where are the socks going? Pack holes and extra space in your carry-on baggage with other items. 

"Socks and even underwear are packed in tennis shoes, which otherwise wastes space," said Single Terry. 

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Make holes this way Closing will maximize your space Make sure you are maximizing your packing in your luggage. 

Don't overpack

Do you think you need 10 clothes for a two day trip? Think again. 

Carry-on luggage allows passengers to bring their items on board and avoid lines and wait times before and after their flight. 

Carry-on baggage allows passengers to bring You can carry-on baggage, avoid queues and waiting times before and after the flight.  (Jeff Greenberg / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Fight the urge to overload your carry-on baggage. 

Prioritize the pieces and do not pack more than you wear them. 

Amy Chan said this is the key to efficient packaging. "I need less than I expected," she said.

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Chan also roads as needed Suggested to do the laundry at. 

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