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The Supreme Court's gun ruling reminds New Yorkers of their right to arm

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DearNew Yorkersare prone to anti-guns, 

I know you are afraid. 

This week, theSupreme Court said that thestate government actually had a second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was actually a public weapon for self-defense. People who have (not just "special" people). 

I am shocked by this news as you have lived long under a system that routinely oppresses legitimate gun owners with criminals. I know Constitutional rights can be scary, especially if you don't understand them or don't like them. Your state and local government officials will keep you safe this day as if the owner of a gun that complies with the usual laws of New York is the real problem that plagues your city. Spent months to preemptively warn that they would destroy all their efforts. 


Guns 4 Less Ammo in Cape Coral, Florida. 

Cape Coral, Florida Gun 4 Less ammunition.  (Google Maps)

But I promise you, it should be okay. 

The sky does not fall. 

Your world will not collapse. 

Let me explain why you can lie down with peace of mind tonight. 

First, let's make it realistic. Your state isn't going to suddenly adopt an unlicensed carry (most states have now abolished the carry permit and are doing well, but I've seen — New Hampshire and Vermont for a year. Murder rate is close to "zero".) 

No, New York. Your legislator has already used this session to draft a bill, so even the most restrictive of the current "problem" states looks like a wild west when compared. They ensure that as many gun owners as possible are priced, regulated, or scared by exercising thesecond amendmentin public. Do as much as you can to do. 

Your government reluctantly adopts the Washington D.C. style permission framework at best. In this framework, gun owners spend hundreds of dollars and months jumping over Kafkaesk's bureaucratic nightmare for a carry permit. Still, you need to plan your entire daily schedule around the nasty and irrational laws that limit where you can carry your firearms. 

All of this, in addition to the burden already placed on them to buy a handgun in the first place. 

Have you seen those laws in your state recently? If you just own a handgun at home, you need a license and the application process can take several months. The applicant must provide a reference to "good moral character", indicate no history of mental illness, and essentially prove that there is no good reason to refuse the pistol license. 

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley explained the Supreme Court's 6-3 ruling on the New York gun case.

FoxNews contributor Jonathan Turley is the Supreme Court. 6-Three decisions regarding gun cases in New York.

I myself, D.C. As a carry permit holder, gun owners who bravely confront the expensive and time-consuming process that New York inevitably comes up with in search of hidden carry permits hate taking the risk of losing those permits. I promise you about negligence or reckless interaction with you. 

This is not just an opinion. Statistically speaking, hidden carry permit holders are one of the most legally compliant segments in society. We commit serious crimes at a much lower rate than police officers. 

Over the past few decades, carrying laws have been relaxed in each state, allowing more residents to carry firearms in more places. Since then, none of these states have decided that it is a bad idea and have returned to more restrictive legislation. 

New York's current law was in a minority position for good reason: 

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Generally, legally compliant gun owners are not an issue. They are not a problem just because they can carry firearms in public for self-defense. 

Of course, unless you're a criminal, don't be afraid of them. In that case, many of the victims are armed and difficult to sacrifice. You should be very, very afraid.

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But for New York residents For the majority, the full arrival of thesecond amendment in your stateis not painful. 

You just joined the Constitutional Club with the rest of the country. And on behalf of the other 43 states, let me say "welcome" first. 

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Amy Wearer Ra is a legal policy Analyst at the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.