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The Supreme Court's ruling must provoke a "atheist" backlash, says WaPo columnist: "America is not a Christian state."

Christians rally to show support of the Bald Knob Cross of Peace near Alto Pass, Ill. Atheists objected to the use of taxpayer money to pay for rehabbing the 11-foot cross. (AP)

Christians gather and the peace of the bald Nobu near Alto Atheists who supported the cross opposed spending taxpayers' money to rehabilitate the 11-foot cross. (AP)

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On Thursday, Washington Post columnist Kate Cohen suggested that the United States must accept atheism in order to stop "the growing power of theChristian right". did.

In yet another Washington Post column condemning the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Roe v. Wade case and protected the right of Washington state high school football coaches to pray on public school grounds. Cohen is an American Christian monopoly politics that the court claimed to be promoting.

She opened her own work. "Last week, a ruling to withdraw the right to abortion meant that the Supreme Court essentially did not protect Americans from the powerful minority who claimed that God would make rules for everyone. Declared. This week, it declared that it would not protect students from the coercion inherent in officially-led prayers to the same God. "

In response to her explicit presentation as a dire situation. She asked, "How do you fight the growing power of the Christian right?"

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Protestors gather outside the Supreme Court to protest abortion rights (Fox News Digital)

Protesters gather outside the Supreme Court to protest the right to atheism (Fox News) Digital)(Fox News Digital)

Quickly think that you can "counterattack using another accredited religious group" against the Christian right. After making it emerge, she proposed atheism. "You don't have to use one god to fight another. You don't have to be religious to be free. What we need, and what the Constitution conveniently provides, is all gods. "Freedom from."

She went on to say, "So how do you get there and live in an unusually religious country like us? Atheists help According to a recent Gallup survey, we are already approaching. 81% of Americans say they believe in God. This is a new low. Only five years ago. It was 87%, "she wrote.

Motivated by this statistic, she shouted, "Repulsion! Great idea! Atheist: Repulsion to Christian nationalism, and quickly." To encourage potential or discerning atheists, Cohen writes: universe? no? "I did it."

"Now, let's move on to our backlash," Cohen declared. 

The ridiculous conservatives she claimed "use Boogeyman and lies to create a good backlash." 60} Theocracy threat, we can stick to the evidence (as atheists tend to do): actual law passed, platform approved, judgment down it was done.

Washington Post columnist encourages atheists to spark backlash against Christian right. 

The Washington Post columnist is an atheist Christ We encourage you to provoke a backlash against the Christian right.  (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / File Photo)

Cohen said, "Members across the country have enacted a law that forces women to have children. Yes, in the words of Governor Greg Abbott, "Because our Creator has given us the right to survive."

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She added. The Supreme Court, an American woman, has lost all federal legal protection against this divine oppression, "she added.

In response, she told the reader, "Tell someone that you are an atheist. Start yourself if necessary. Your spouse, your children, your parents, your minister, Tell your political representatives. Pollsters should call and tell them without fail. "

" Based on the supposed wishes of a supernatural being for you "Clarify that no legitimate public policy is possible," Cohen said before concluding, "America is not a Christian state and has never been. It's up to us to prevent it from becoming one." Maybe. "

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Washington Post column frets about the oppression of the Christian right.

The Washington Post column writes a fret about the suppression of the Christian right. (The Associated Press)