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surprise! Netflix Adds His Two-Part Bonus Episode Of 'Sandman'

Wake up and turn on Netflix! New two-part bonuses from The Sandman The episode is now streaming! According to Netflix, this is a "surprise drop for fans who have been waiting for additional stories in theSandman universe." The two-part bonus episode is based on his two printed issues ofThe Sandman: Dream Country. There is an anime adaptation of A Thousand Cats Dream,David Tennant,James McAvoy,Sandra Oh,Neil Gaiman A live-action version of himself and "Calliope". Tom Sturridge will naturally reprise his role as Dream.

The director of A Thousand Cats' Dream is Hisco Halsing, who said of the film: By harnessing the magic of real oil painting on canvas. Based on his realistic 3D animations of telepathic cats, paintings were combined with his classically rendered 2D animations to create a down-to-earth, dreamy and trippy world. His Untold Studio in London created his 3D animation of the cat which is breathtaking. Amazing 2D animation, oil painting and styling all done at Submarine Studio in Amsterdam.

"A Dream of A Thousand Cats" includes Sandra Oh as the Prophet, Rosie Day as the Tabby Cat, David Gyasi as the Gray Cat, Joe Lycett as the Black Cat, Neil Gaiman and more. , Impressive voice actors are appearing. James McAvoy as Crow/Skull Bird, David Tennant as Blond Man, Georgia Tennant as Laura Lynn, Michael Sheen as Paul, Anna Lundberg as Marion, Nonso Anozie as Wyvern, Griffon Diane Morgan as the character and Tom Wu as the Hippogriff.

The second half of the episode is "Calliope." The story follows a frustrated novelist named Richard Maddock who, after kidnapping the Greek muse his Calliope, discovers that another writer, Erasmus Frei, has found success. Maddock trades his gastrolith for a muse. Only Calliope backed up this time. She seeks help from witches known as Fury, Fate, or Her Three, one of which is her.

Guest stars in "Calliope" include Melissanti Mayu as Calliope, Arthur Darvill as Richard Maddock, Nina Wadia as Mother of Fate, Suad Fares as Lady of Doom, Dinita Gohill, Kevin Harvey as Larry, Amita Sumann Nora and Derek Jacobi as Erasmus Frye.

The Sandman is #1 on Netflix's Top 10 English Programs for the second week in a row. On Tuesday, Netflix reported that The Sandmanhas been streamed for 196.98 million hours. Fans will be able to watch him for at least another hour this weekend.