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Police said the suspect planned a parade shooting at Highland Park for several weeks, dressing women during the attack and blending in.

Investigators believe that the alleged murder on Monday at the July 4 parade in Highland Park planned an "weeks" attack, a Lake County official spokesman said. Said on Tuesday.

During the crime, Kurimo wore women's clothes. This seems to be to hide his identity and facial tattoos so that the crowd escapes as a result of the shooting and the area is not detected. A spokesperson for Lake County's Major Crime Task Force.

"There is no motive from him at this time," Covelli said.

More than 70 rounds were fired at the crowd, Covelli said.

According to Coveli, after the attack, Klimo went to his mother's house in the area and rented a car.

Investigators have no information that the shooting was motivated by race, religion, or other protected status, Mr. Koveli said. Authorities did not announce changes to Climo at a press conference on Tuesday.

According to authorities, the day after a rooftop shooter killedsix peopleand injured dozens more, July 4th in Highland Park, Illinois. In the parade, the streets of the city were still cluttered. On Tuesday, belongings were rushed away and residents are having a hard time understanding what happened.
By the authoritiesRobert E. The suspect, identified as Climo III, was accused of using a "powerful rifle" on Monday in what appeared to be a "random" and "intentional" attack. Police said the people were scattered in apanicinvestigators said the suspect, who was arrested later that day, climbed the roof of the store andfiredin the parade. I believe. A few minutes after it started in the suburbs of Chicago.

On Tuesday morning, three blocks on Central Avenue in downtown Highland Park remained blocked behind police tapes. FBI agents walked in line to comb the streets for more evidence, lifting scattered lawn chairs and other items left in flight for safety.

A man who escaped the genocide unharmed with his sons returned on Tuesday and found his eldest son's wheelchair in need of special assistance. They abandoned their wheelchairs on Monday-and the younger brother carried his brother after the elder fell when they hurried away from the shooting.

"We are all a little upset. It's hard to believe this happened, but only (yesterday). And I think we're all a little upset and restless. Probably the best way to explain. Father Paul Tobach told CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday.

Parade visitors' belongings were scattered on the ground, both inside and outside the taped zone. Among them are baby carriages, iced coffee from ant-attacked Dankin donuts, half-eaten noodles, toy trucks, sunscreen, bottled water, dog treats, stuffed toys from Sonic the Hedgehog, and more. there is.

The genocide interrupts the already bloody American spring and summer-more than 300 times in the United States in the last 186 days, according to data edited by the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit chase. A massacre incident occurred in such an incident.

"There is no evil word to appear at a public liberty celebration, hide in the roof, and shoot innocent people with assault rifles," said Governor of Illinois J. B. Pritzker said on Monday. "It's devastating that the American celebration was torn apart by our unique American plague."

Police near Lake Forest, Illinois, after a fierce search across the Chicagoland area. I caught the suspect. He was detained after leading a police officer in a short car chase before stopping.

Evidence of firearms was found on the roof of a company near the shooting, on a police commander. Chris O'Neil said on Monday. The shooters used ladders attached to the walls of the building from the alleys to access the roof, said Christopher Coveri, a spokesman for the Lake County's Major Crime Task Force.

Police said they were investigating who bought the firearm and its origin.

According to Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek, of the six killed, five adults died in the field and one died in the hospital. The age of the sixth victim is not yet clear.

According to a nearby synagogue, one of the killed wasJacki Sundheim, 63, who was a congregation and staff.

A total of 26 patients were accepted at Highland Park Hospital, said Dr. Brigham Temple, Medical Director of the North Shore University Health System. The injured were between 8 and 85 years old, and four or five patients were children, Temple said.

He said 19 of the 25 gunshot victims had been treated and discharged. He added that there were gunshot wounds on the limbs as well as on the more central part of the body.

Some bystanders initially thought that the gunshots that stabbed the sunny parade after 10 am along Central Avenue in the town about 25 miles north of Chicago were fireworks. Hundreds of participants began to flee in fear. -Throw away strollers, chairs, and American flag tools on the street.

Witnesses explain thatgrabs a child or family and runs for life, hiding behind a trash can or in a nearby store for safety in the chaos. Did. One parade participant explained that he saw someone shot and killed, while another parade participant saw a man bleeding all over his face and being shot in his ears.

"It looked like a battle zone, and I hate it. I really hate it," recalled Zoe Powellsack on Monday, who attended the Independence Day parade with her father. ..

'More to do'

Last year, on record since the Gun Violence Archive began tracking mass shootings in 2014. It was the worst year. According to a non-profit organization, there were 692 mass shootings in the United States in 2021. The

Highland Park attack occurred after a recent mass shooting that shocked the country, including an 18-year-oldracist attackat a supermarket in New York. To do. Oldwas shot at a school in Texas, killing 19 students and two teachers.
Following these massacres, President Joe Bidensigned a major federal gun safety law for the first time in decades, the most controversial policy issue in Washington. One of them showed a big bipartisan breakthrough.

Biden noted that he had a brief moment of silence at the White House on Monday night during a picnic on July 4, speaking to Governor Pritzker and the Mayor of Highland Park.

"There's still a lot to do and I'm not going to give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence," Bidensaid in a statement released Monday. ..
In 2013, Highland Park passed alocal ban on semi-automatic firearms capable of accepting more than 10 ammunition after a series of mass shootings nationwide. did.

On Tuesday, Mayor Nancy Rotelling said Monday's shootings indicated the need for strict gun control nationwide.

"I think it's important to know that our ban on offensive weapons reflects the values ​​of our community," she said. "Obviously, if there are weekly mass shootings involving these war weapons, there is a problem in this country. Discuss how to provide protection on a border scale, whether national or national. That's important. "

What we know about the suspect

The law enforcement authorities have" processed a large amount of digital evidence "and are investigating. Officials were able to identify Kurimo as a suspect. A spokesperson for the County Crime Task Force.

"This individual is believed to be responsible for what happened and the investigation will continue. At this time the prosecution has not yet been approved. We are far from it. "He said.

Self-proclaiming himself "awakening the rapper," Kurimo posted an online music video on several major streaming outlets and his personal website, showing an animated scene of gun violence. Some were featured.

In the video titled "Are you Awake", a cartoon animation of a stickman shooter (similar to the appearance of a rifle) is seen in tactical gear attacking with a rifle. Kurimo can be seen saying, "I need to do that. It's my destiny."

Suspect's uncle, Paul A. Klimo told CNN on Monday that he spoke to law enforcement agencies for a long time and described his nephew as "a lonely and quiet person."

He said he was active on YouTube, but said he was unaware of the political views his nephew had.

His brother, the suspect's father, was defeated in 2019 by running for the mayor ofagainst his incumbent Rotering.

"It hurts every family who has lost their lives," said Paul Climo.

The guns used in the shooting are believed to have been legally purchased, Rotering told CNN on Tuesday morning.

"That said, if you can have a weekly mass shooting with a legally purchased gun, you need to talk about why those laws don't protect the people they should be. I think there is. Protect. " "To be honest, people need to make it more difficult to create a genocide."

Rotelling knew the suspect and of the Cub Scout pack when he was a boy I was a leader. "He was my. Pack Cub Scout, so many years ago he was just a quiet little boy I knew," Rotelling said.

Terrorism Story

Witnessestold the story of total terrorismfollowing a shooting in a wealthy suburb of Chicago.

Miles Zaremsky said he heard what he believed, about 20-30 shots in two consecutive shots at around 10:20 am shortly after the start of the parade. He told CNN that he saw many people bloody and on the ground, explaining the scene as follows: It's chaotic.

Zoe Powellsack, who attended the Independence Day parade with his father, said parade participants initially thought the pop arrangement was a firework on that occasion. Wrong. I grabbed his father and started running. Suddenly everyone behind me started running, "she said. I saw the girl shot and killed.

Tobac, the man who returned to find his eldest son's wheelchair on Tuesday, said his girlfriend was also in the parade with them and his second son. I heard the gunshots and saw the crowd running towards them.

The wheelchair collapsed and the eldest son rushed away, so they abandoned the chair and his second son picked him up, Tobach said.

"We ran for our lives," Tobach said. It broke out.

"We tried to get them," Leon said. And they saw a man "obviously very deeply scratched along the right side of his head above the temple." Leon said he probably heard 20-30 pops before turning to the right and seeing police movements and people falling.

Steve Tilken said he had evacuated to CNN. In the basement of the store with his wife, her two grandchildren, and dozens of people police searched the area for shooters.

"We were just sitting there, so one bullet was able to pass through our entire body," he said.