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Team Byden's plan to restore the Obama-era Title IX Kangaroo Court undermines fairness

Miguel Cardona
Changes pushed by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona remove due process protection and other rules and are accused of sexual misconduct The fairness of the students is ensured. Washington Post via GettyIm

Go again here: 50 since President Richard Nixon signed Title IX Years later, banning gender discrimination in education, the Biden administration is moving to reissueObama-era regulations, and the road to college kangaroo courtbefore being expelled by Team Trump. Opened.

Specifically, a change pushed by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona removes due process protection and other rules to ensure the impartiality of students accused of sexual misconduct. Will be done. The

rule looks like this:

Syracuse University

The changes are very non-American and It is unfair to those accused of illegal activity. They also rebelliously ignore the court's ruling against them. Federal and state courts find"due process flaws in sexual harassment," as pointed out by, a non-profit advocate groupstops an abusive and violent environment. I didonly on 16 campuses in New York. According to

SAVE, the judge found that the university "did not adhere to the most basic concept of fairness."

No one wants to cover up the actualsexual harassment, discrimination and assault. However, universities, like all other American educational institutions, have a duty to be impartial to both whistleblowers and defendants. The resurgence of Obama-era rules governing sexual harassment complaints has ruined expulsion and reputation, as falsely accused students were not given a fair opportunity to refute their accusations. The

case is not a matter of "he said, she said". Mere "what she said" would be the basis for guilt. It obviously has nothing to do with Title IX.