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Popular internet gamer Technoblade dies at age 23

His family said the popular Minecraft YouTuber, known as the techno blade, died after a battle with stage 4 cancer. Announced. He was 23 years old. 

An emotional video titled "Very Long Loser"posted on Technoblade's YouTube account, written by his late son, the father of an internet gamer. I read the message. 

Internet gamer Technoblade died after the battle with stage 4 cancerYouTube Via Techno Blade

I read the message, "Thank you for supporting my content for years." "If I had another 100 lives, I would choose to be a techno blade every time because it was the happiest year of my life. You enjoyed my content, and I am you. I hope you made me laugh. I love you so much to live a long, prosperous and happy life. "

In the message, he revealed his real name as Alex. His family said Technoblade "worked hard to avoid personal fame and keep his true identity secret."

After finishing the letter, Technoblade's father said his son was "hard" to write his last message, nearly eight hours before his death. He said. 

"He finished it, then he finished," his father said. "He was the greatest kid anyone could ask for."

The content creator created a YouTube channel in 2013 to create a video focused on the video game Minecraft. His channel will eventually get over 11 million subscribers. 

In a statement written by Technoblade's mom on behalf of her family, she said, "He was always strategically thinking about ways to please and reward the audience." Said. 

"Even after his ultimate success, he somehow maintains his friendly humility and competes for a loving balance between self-confidence and blaming wit. I did, "added the statement. 

The family asked the fans to "respect his privacy and his desire to protect the privacy of his family."

Fans and fellow gamers expressed their condolences following the news. 

"He was very witty and humble even in the most difficult times," tweeted streamer Ludwig Ahgren . "I always respect him."

YouTuber's Jacksepticeyecalls the techno blade "an absolute legend of an influential community." , Content creator Pokimanesaid he "inspired millions of people around the world." "

" Your legacy will live forever, "she wrote. 

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