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‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Finale Toyed With Tedbecca Shippers in the Cruelest Way


Are you having a normal Wednesday or are you one of the countless Tedbecca ‘shippers having an existential crisis after watching the Ted Lasso Season 3 finale? For years, a fervent subset of the Ted Lasso fandom has been convinced that the sweet sitcom about an American football coach taking over a Premiere League soccer team was setting up a romance between Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham). These fans believed that Ted and Rebecca were the Apple TV+ show’s endgame. There was no other way the series could end than with Ted and Rebecca madly in love. As it happens, Ted Lasso‘s Season 3 finale — which is looking more and more like a series finale — ends with Ted returning to Kansas City, Missouri and Rebecca reuniting with her hot, nameless Dutch fling (Matteo van der Grijn).

Needless to say, the Tedbecca truthers are not handling this news well. Particularly because they feel that the finale had countless teases that could have tilted the show into that romantic direction. From the cold open which baited viewers into thinking Ted and Rebecca might have slept together — Ted and Beard (Brendan Hunt) and Jane (Phoebe Walsh) just crashed with Rebecca because of a gas leak — to Rebecca’s teary, rom-com coded farewell at the airport, there were countless set ups for Ted and Rebecca to declare their love. They just didn’t.

so angry we didn’t get roykeeley or tedbecca, I’m literally going to set myself on fire

— king of the rats megan (@kierancuIkins) May 31, 2023

The thing is Tedbecca theorists had pretty good reason to feel like they might just get the Season 3 finale they wanted. In Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3 “4-5-1,” Rebecca visits a psychic who tells her that she will find love and become a mother after all. The psychic also gives Rebecca a number of cryptic clues about her future, all of which Tedbecca ‘shippers could connect to Ted and Rebecca. For example, the show wanted us to think the “green matchbook” was the one from Sam’s (Toheeb Jimoh) restaurant, but Ted also logs his notes on matches in a green notebook. Get it? It’s a “green match book.” Alternatively, it’s a reference to the green matchbook soldier Ted gifted Rebecca as her first line of defense. Either way, you can see how seemingly insignificant details could carry weight for these fans.

so what was with the green matchbook?? the biscuit pink outfits?? the conversation with her mother at the pub?? tHE SHOWING UP AT THE AIRPORT?????

— eva | ted lasso spoilers (@notsadbecca) May 31, 2023

it’s the way that rebecca still has the green matchbook soldier that ted gave her so early on as her first line of defence and it’s obviously been in her bag for a bit and then she accidentally pulled it out of there and placed it on her desk just like ted did so many moons ago

— hannah | in my rage era (@lassobiscuits) May 29, 2023

like im not even that much of a tedbecca shipper but why put all these signs and symbols with the green matchbook and the FAKE OUT????????? that is actually evil spirited

— mistynator3000 (@lgbtchastains) May 31, 2023

While Ted/Rebecca fans might be spiraling, Hannah Waddingham likely isn’t. At least, when Decider interviewed her before the season began, we asked her what she would say to Tedbecca ‘shippers who might be pining for Ted and Rebecca to get together. She played coy about a possible romance, but made it clear she thought Ted and Rebecca’s platonic connection was more interesting to her.

“I mean, the thing is, there are those relationships in life where there is a meeting of minds and souls, but not necessarily sexual,” Waddingham said. “And part of me thinks, isn’t it interesting that everyone wants [Ted and Rebecca] to be together? Is that because we are conditioned to think that if, you know, two people get on, that means they therefore must be that? Sometimes there’s more longevity in not going in that direction.”

Of course some fans remain undeterred by the Ted Lasso Season 3 finale, claiming that the only reason Ted and Rebecca didn’t get together is because a Season 4 is planned. Apple TV+ has neither confirmed nor denied that Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 12 is indeed the series finale, so maybe? Or maybe not?

Check in on the Tedbecca truthers in your life. They need your love and support now more than ever.