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Teen swimmers find two cave divers dead on Lake Florida

Last week, two cave divers were found dead after three teenagers tried to save them on a lake in Florida, officials said. Told.

Hernando County Sheriff's Officesaid one of the teens warned police at around 12:20 pm. On Wednesday, you may be drowned in the Buffford Springs Cave in the Chasahowitzka Wildlife Park in Weekiwachi. The caller is one of three teenagers aged 15, 15, and 17 who witnessed apair of diversarriving at the park around 11:00 am. Said. According to

, for teens, men jumped in for a short while before they emerged. The men then began discussing returning to the "cave" and whether the tank had enough air to participate in the dive.

The divers were exploring an underwater caver in the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Park in Weeki Wachee, Florida, when they ran into some trouble
Hernando County Sheriff's Office
A teen called 911 and summoned deputies after he and two other boys found one of the divers floating face down on the surface of the lake
Hernando County Sheriff's Office

"It is believed that one of the divers said that the tank may have leaked," officials said. Stated. "After a while, both adults sneak into the water."

Shortly thereafter, a teenage swimmer sees one of the divers rising to the surface and he floats prone. I observed that I was there.

However, the boys noticed that no breathing bubbles appeared on the surface.

"The boys swam to check him, but there was no reaction," the office said. "The three boys were able to take the diver to the dock, but they couldn't lift him out of the water."

A teenager called for help and responded to the lake. The agent was able to lift the diver onto the rock, but he was already dead by that time.

Todd McKenna, 52 (pictured above) has been identified as one of the deceased divers
Facebook / Todd Richard Mckenna

When the second diver did not resurface The International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery (IUCRR) responded to the scene and found him 137 feet below the surface. He also died.

"Neither diver had any obvious signs of trauma, and both seemed to have the right diving equipment," said a sheriff's office press release. "At this point, it's unclear if all the equipment was working properly."

The agency later identified the divers as 52-year-old Todd McKenna and 63-year-old Stephen Gambler.

According to the guide on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website, Buford Springs is a network of underground caves with a 167-foot descent. There is a winding passage in the cave. Divers must register and obtain permission from park staff before they fall into a potentially dangerous situation.

"Even experienced cave divers have died here. Underwater caves are reasonably beautiful, so I can't afford to make mistakes," the guide warns.