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Texas inmate faces drug trafficking charges in connection with drone landing in prison yard

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Inmates in Texas prisons serving time for burglary and burglary charges use drones to imprison prison premises and smuggle drugs and contraband into correctional facilities has been charged with federal crimes. 

His 35-year-old Yeshmer James Wright of Dallas was charged with conspiracy to possess possession for the purpose of distributing methamphetamine and conspiracy to possess possession for the purpose of distributing synthetic marijuana. rice field. Other prohibited items he tried to smuggle into the prison included mobile phones, officials said. 

He appeared in federal court this week, the Justice Department said Friday. 

“I hope this indictment will resonate with others who seek to smuggle contraband into our secure facilities. We will work closely with the Office of the Inspector General and federal authorities to combat the criminal enterprise, The Wall," said Brian Collier, executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

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Yeshmel James Wright, 35, faces federal charges in connection with using drones to allegedly using drones to smuggling drugs and contraband into Texas prisons.

35-year-old Yeshmer James Wright uses drones to federally charged with smuggling drugs and contraband. Texas prison. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

Wright was charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs including heroin, methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana. He is one of 42 him. Manipulating aircraft to facilitate money laundering, firearm violations, drug trafficking or other crimes.

Investigators seized multiple quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, "M30" fentanyl tablets, and synthetic marijuana. Additionally, $150,000 in cash, jewelry, and vehicles were seized.

Wright had already served 30 years for aggravated robbery and another eight years for burglary in Dallas County, the TDCJ said. 

He faces life in prison on new charges. Another Texas manwas arrestedearlier this month. He is suspected of flying a drone loaded with drugs, a prepaid cell phone and an mp3 player into the Fort Worth prison grounds.