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A Texas man who killed his father was considered "armed and dangerous" and escaped from a mental hospital, police said.

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A man was acquitted this week afterkilled his fatherdue to madness after fleeing a medical facility near the Texas-Oklahoma border. increase.

Vernon police said medical staff at North Texas State Hospital informed them on Monday that Alexander Scott Irvine was missing. He was armed and considered dangerous, police said. 

Irvine left the dorm room around 9 pm. According to a review of the hospital security video, he scaled the hospital's 8-foot security fence on Sunday before he escaped on foot.

In 2014, Irvine was acquitted inTravis Countyfor murdering his father Ray Scott Irvin in Austin. 

Texas police shoot and kill an armed man at Dallas Area Hospital

Alexander Scott Ervin escaped the Texas hospital where he was committed after being found not guilty of killing his father. 

Alexander Scott Irvine was found not guilty of murdering his father, after Escaped from Texas Hospital.  (Fox Dallas)

His younger brother Irvine testified that the suspect had attacked his father with a pipe wrench and a folding knife. , Ray Irvin is a scammer. He also claimed to be atrained member of the CIAon a mission to kill his father. 

He said, "I don't know what happens when he's not taking medicine, and he's afraid to get hurt. And someone in the community gets hurt. I'm afraid. " Leslie Irvine, his mother, Fox Dallas reported. "He is still my son, I still protect him from my dying breath, and I do whatever I can to make him safe."

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Just recently, in April, a security judge ordered Irvine's commitment. .. Continue at the State Mental Hospital.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.