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Texas teen arrested for attempting a mass shooting in an Amazon warehouse: policeman

Police in San Antonio, Texas arrested a 19-year-old Amazon warehouse employee for threatening to shoot at work.

Rodolfo Aceves was detained last Monday on suspicion of the terrorist threat that caused the horror. This is a felony of up to 10 years in prison and three times in prison.

Ace was arrested after an investigator received the tip and interviewed some of his colleagues at Amazon Delivery Station in Svaidway. Press release from police.

A co-worker at this Amazon delivery station in San Antonio told police that Aceves talked about carrying out a mass shooting, and also called the Uvalde gunman an "idol."
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A policeman quickly tracks an ace elsewhere and he I was able to restrain him without incident.

Police also revealed that they had seized an AR-15 rifle from the location of Aceves. According to the arrest report quoted by

News 4 SA, a fire alarm went off in Amazon's warehouse three days before Aceves' arrest. Her colleague said that a 19-year-old woman "pulled a fire alarm to get all employees out of the building and cause a mass shooting," her colleague said while staff were out of the building. Said to her.

Her same colleague said she wanted to shoot her school to death while she was on board Aceves, and she killed 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas. Said he mentioned 29} shooters. Reportedlya month ago as his "idol".

When an investigator interviewed Ace's father, the man stated that his son had suffered from a mental illness in the past and was admitted to the facility at the age of 16.

His father also claimed that Ace had stopped taking prescription drugs. After he bought the AR-15, his family lived in fear of him.

"This is the essence of'see something, say something'," police said in a release announcing the arrest of Aceves. "Without previous witnesses, the incident could have had tragic consequences."

Aceves was released from prison after a $ 50,000 deposit. rice field. He will return to court for a preliminary hearing on July 26th.