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The best early Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals with Blink cameras and doorbells

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Amazon Is now significantly discounting top-notch Blink home cameras and video doorbells as part of retailers'early Amazon PrimeDay 2022 salecamcorders or doorbells add a layer of security You can do it in your home. Why wait until mid-July and get it now and save up to $ 190?

Top products in this article

Blink Indoor 5 Camera Kit, $ 168 ( Discount from $ 280)  

Blink Outdoor 5 Camera Kit, $ 190 (reduced from $ 380) 

Flashing video doorbell full system, $ 51 (down from $ 81)

Home security cameras for homes and pets Helps you monitor you are away. Amazon brand Blink offers cameras inside and outside the home.  Flashing home cameras and video doorbells all provide high quality night vision, live video feeds and motion alerts.

Take advantage of Amazon's early Prime Day deals on Blink cameras and doorbells through July 2nd. Notice the trading ofAmazon Prime Day 2022. }Apple Product DealsLaptop Deals,Furniture DealsTV Dealsand more.

Blink Camera and Doorbell Amazon Prime Day Lowest Price

Amazon Prime Day Lowest Price Buy before the end of the sale.

(Not the perfect home security camera for you. Check out thesedeals on ring doorbells and cameras before Amazon PrimeDay 2022)

Flashing indoors 


Blink Indoor is a wireless battery-powered home security camera with infrared night vision capability. It also acts as a pet monitoring camera with bidirectional audio, motion sensor and real-time video display. Video clips can be stored in the cloud and accessed with the Blink mobile app. The camera also comes with a module that allows you to save video clips and events locally.

Blink Indoor Camera Kit (1), $ 55 (reduced from $ 80)

Blink Indoor Camera Kit (3), $ 114 (reduced from $ 190) 

Flashing indoor add-on camera, $ 35 (reduced from $ 70)

Flashing outdoors 


The Blink Outdoor is a water resistant security camera designed to monitor the outside of your home. It features bidirectional audio, motion detection, and a live video stream. It is battery operated and has a battery life of 2 years.

Like the Blink Indoor camera, outdoor products are also available in a variety of multi-packs and bundles.

Blink Outdoor Camera Kit (1), $ 60 (reduced from $ 100)

Blink Outdoor Camera Kit (3), $ 125 (reduced from $ 250) 

Blink Outdoor add-on camera, $ 45 (reduced from $ 90)

Flashing outdoors with floodlight


Blink Outdoor with floodlight includes all the features of a standard Blink Outdoor camera with the addition of 700 lumens floodlight. The lights are motion-triggered to help the camera see people and things moving around the house or garden at night. You can also turn on the light with a voice command using a paired Amazon Alexa device.

Flashing outdoor camera with floodlight, $ 85 (down from $ 140)

Flashing video doorbell


With the flashing video doorbell, from your smartphone You can respond to the door. It features day and infrared night video and two-way audio. The Blink video doorbell can be connected to the doorbell wiring system or installed wire-free.

Flashing Video Doorbell (Standby), $ 35 (Reduced from $ 50)

Flashing Video Doorbell (Full system), $ 51 (reduced from $ 81)

Blink Mini


The Blink Mini is a compact version of the Blink camera. Unlike the larger battery-powered version, the Mini needs to be plugged in. Still, it has full camera capabilities with live video display, bidirectional audio, and night vision. The Mini can also chime and provide alerts from the Blink video doorbell.

Blink Mini, $ 30 (reduced from $ 35)

See Amazon Prime Day transaction summary 

 Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be a great deal, but you don't have to wait until July 12-13, 2022. Amazon is currently significantly lowering the prices of many products. The following is a summary of Amazon Prime Day transactions. 

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