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The conservative Supreme Court is just warming up

In addition to overturning nearly half a century of federal voting rights, courts go to the most populous states, religious schools. Parliamentary border between two states to expand state funding, increase public school employees' right to pray publicly at work, and increase opportunities for minority voters to elect candidates of their choice The lower court's order to redraw the line has been suspended.

"What the court has done against abortion, guns, and parliamentary power in the last eight days is significant by itself [but] if these judges were to be together for the next few years. The first shoe fell, "said Rick Hasen, a professor of law at the University of California, Irvine. "There's much more the Supreme Court can do to change American society."

Thursday, a serious blow to President Joe Byden's plan to reduce power plant emissions to combat climate change. A few minutes after giving, the High Court announced that it would take up a lawsuit from the upcoming North Carolina that could give the state, even if the state council, committee, or executive disagrees, the state council is on the border of the district. Has great power to draw and set election rules.

The so-called Independent State Parliamentary theory remained at the end of the election law debate for years, but with his unsuccessful efforts to overturn Biden's victory, former President Donald Trump in 2020. Was caught by.

"It's a kind of unknown territory," Hasen said. "It can have widespread and unintended consequences."

A radical Supreme Court ruling on a state parliamentary issue was made by state court statements and a majority of state voters voting. Regardless of how you throw it, it may empower state legislators to appoint presidential voters.

In 30 states with Republican parliaments, a ruling in favor of theory could give the GOP a great foothold in more routine elections in the House and Senate. However, the impact on democracy-run states could also be polarized, with the California constituency change committee going out of business and the efforts of New York courts to limit gerrymandering reversed.

This proceeding joins another polarization issue that is already in question for the next term. Web claims that the new voting rights law challenge from Alabama, two lawsuits against race-based affirmative action programs in higher education, and Colorado law prohibiting discrimination against same-sex couples should be negligible. designer.

Like many cases decided by the Supreme Court in the last few weeks, any of these cases may be considered the most important of a regular court term, but a trial. The official has decided to hear all of them.

The Conservatives are almost blind to the results of their first full court term by six conservative judges since they discontinued much of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal policy in the 1930s. I'm out.

"This was the most successful term in my memory of the Constitution and the rule of law," said Clarence Thomas, chairman of the Judicial Crisis Network and former Justice Judge Clarence Thomas. One Carrie Severino said. "Now it is clear that the majority of courts are willing to enforce the Constitution as written, even in the event of unprecedented external pressure, intimidation, intimidation and assassination attempts."

A statistical analysis by Adam Feldman on the Empirical SCOTUS website found a conservative win in the closed case at the highest level since the 2017 period. According to Feldman, the advent of Judge Amy Coney Barrett has also made it easier for the Conservatives to get the four votes needed for the proceedings.

"I think the big story is that the court was now able to take up a case that could push policy in a much right direction," he said.

Due to a series of widespread and widespread decisions this quarter, many Democrats have accused the court of losing its legitimacy with the public, but former Senate Judiciary Committee adviser Mike Davis. The result of saying that it is just a sour grape.

"The Supreme Court is not supposed to be democratically represented by design," said Davis, a former nominating adviser to Senator Charles Ernest Grassley, Iowa. "They are supposed to protect minority rights and us from the government, whether tyranny or anarchy ... The Democrats on the left have lost control of the Supreme Court, so they have the Supreme Court. Trying to outlaw. "

Many on the left have grasped Thomas's thoughts on the courts revisiting the right to same-sex marriage or contraception, the right to abortion. Opponents said they hadn't seen the court eager to dig into those issues immediately.

James Bopp, Jr., a legal adviser to the people's rights to life and a prominent litigant on the issue of life and campaign finance, said he was overjoyed at the abortion decision.

"This was the culmination of my life's work. I was a senior at law school, so I was waiting for this day," Bopp said.

However, conservative lawyers believe that Thomas's views on same-sex marriage and contraceptive precedents do not indicate that they are issues that the court will dive into. Stated.

"I learned long ago that it would take five votes. You'll notice that no other justice has joined his consent," Bopp said.

Seberino agrees and expects a large court battle over abortion at the state level, but the Supreme Court continues to focus on other issues such as expanding the right to religious expression. I'm guessing. The court asked a similar question this fall in a case about a religious Colorado web designer claiming the right to practice the term in a so-called prayer coach case from Washington and refuse to serve in the same way. Ready to work on-sex couples.

"Freedom of conscience is an area that is likely to remain really important," she said.

The High Court and conservative legal movements also seem to intend to continue to pressure the Federal Office to regain control of everything from automobiles to marketing to pollution.

One of Thursday's Supreme Court finals, filed 6-3 in line with normal ideology, is the Biden administration's attempt to limit climate change by reducing the greenhouse effect from power plants. Rejected the plan. The ruling was not as hostile to government agencies as some expected, yet there was little room for the government to enforce carbon emission restrictions without Congress.

There are other incidents imminent that could further damage the power of federal agencies.One proceeding decided by the New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit last monthrequires that all proceedings be filed in the federal district court, not before an administrative law judge. May overturn the enforcement efforts of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The decision could reach the Supreme Court within a year or two, urging judges to consider whether it was too much for Congress to delegate authority to the SEC.

"Everything that relies on a very general mission from Congress is at risk," said Jed Sugarman, a professor of law at Fordham University.

As the battle approaches, Seberino also has a huge victory in conservative legal movements in abortion cases after decades of strategy, proceedings, financing and organization. I swore that it didn't mean that the defenders would declare victory. And he goes home.

"It's not about that one case, it's about the approach to judgment," she said. She doesn't mean to raise her hand and say "OK, it's over".