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The Doobie Brothers: "These are better days"

Doobie Brothers: "These are better days"

This story was originally broadcast on "Sunday Morning" on October 3, 2021.

Not surprising, given that they've been playing riffs for half a century, but as the band tunes in Burbank's rehearsal hall, it rusts. Knocking out wasn't that good. "I think a band like us is a little different from many bands," said Patrick Simmons.

The Doobie Brothers are more than "a little different" and have sold over 50 million albums in the last 50 years.

Correspondent Jim Axelrod said: ""

"Yes, I think we're all pretty lucky," said John McFee. 

Other members have been coming and going for years, but Simmons, Makfi, Michael McDonald, and Tom Johnston (Core 4 Doobie) are all still playing together. I feel very lucky. To prevent the kind of angry resentment that disbanded (and threatened them) other bands from celebrating their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career on a 50th anniversary tour.

McFee said, "As the dinosaur band progresses, I think we will do better than many."

"A band of dinosaurs." was said by McDonald's.

 "It hurts," Johnston laughed.

"It's the hell of the term you just created," said Axel Rod.

"I will fight for it later," McDonald's laughed. 

The Doobie Brothers, from left: John McFee, Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, Michael McDonald. CBS News

Their story begins in 1970 in San Jose, California, where Johnston and Simmons met playing guitar. Jamming has reserved some gigs. That is, I needed a name. Simmons recalled, "This guy said,'You should smoke a lot of weeds, you should call yourself the Doobie Brothers.'" "Yes, that's right. It will fly."

Their hard drive rocks appealed to a crowd of bikers and hippies in northern California. "Water", "Rockin'Down the Highway".

The Doobie Brothers play "Blackwater": 

Doobie Brothers-Blackwater (Official Music Video) by The Doobie Brothers on YouTube

Axelrod asked, "So, in the last few years, everything is going well, like '71, '2, '3, '4, '5."

"Yes, it accelerated every year," Johnston replied.

Anyone could imagine being tied to a guitar and chasing a rock star's dream. That was exactly the beginning of the trouble.

"Everything obvious-drugs, liquor, women," Johnston said.

"There really isn't a way for a man in his twenties who is now very successful to handle it all gracefully," Axel Rod asked. 

"That's true. We didn't." Johnston laughed. He was the first victim and suffered a hemorrhagic ulcer when the band was on tour. "Unfortunately, I had to leave the band, which means I've had ulcers since high school," he said, "the rock star lifestyle" exacerbates the whole problem. "

Doobie needed to find someone early. Some of them knew keyboardists playing clubs in and around Los Angeles. "At that point, I was playing in Glendale's Troy's room," McDonald said.

McDonald's life was never the same. When it was time for him to record his next album, the Doobie Brothers didn't. "At that point, I started bringing in some songs with varying degrees of perfection," he said. "'Takin' was one of them."

The Doobie Brothers-Takin'It To The Streets (1977) by dreamhitz on YouTube

The Doobie Brothers sound changed and softened. When asked if he was aware of the change, McDonald's said, "Oh, yes, I'm very conscious of it. And it's not a good way. I'mOh, yes. I'm for the reason. It will be. " All this turns into s ** t."

It was platinum that changed. In fact, the 1979 album" Minute by Minute "was triple platinum. 

Doobie Brothers-Minute by Minute (Official Music Video) byThe Doobie Brothers on YouTube

At the studio where "Minute by Minute" was recorded, Axel Rod asked Simmons: It's really huge.

"I don't think you can predict them," Simmons replied. "I think I can only say,'This is what I was thinking of as a writer or a player.'"

One of the tracks on the album, "What a Fool Believes" The band's biggest hit in history, the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. 

The Doobie Brothers-What Afour Believes (Official Music Video) by RHINO on YouTube

Accelerator Rod turned around and asked the group. "It's very successful. How do you balance this?"

"I balanced it by leaving," Johnston replied. "Musically, I didn't really feel like that. It's not a problem these days, but at the time I didn't feel like I was in the right place and at the right time. . "

But" those days "were over 40 years ago. These days, they have something better to worry about. As Johnston explained, "Who sings which part, and what the chords are. I don't think anyone really cares about what happened at the time. I don't know."

"1976 The dispute may no longer be so important, "Axel Rod asked.

"It doesn't matter because I can't remember it."

Last year, The Doobie Brothers (excluding McDonald's) released their latest album, Liberte, for the first time in more than 10 years. Did. Songs by 70's artists are not as good as they are in the 70's. 

Click the embed below to stream the Doobie Brothers album "Liberte" (free Spotify registration required to fully listen to the track) :

Simmons said, "At some point, John said:'I'm thinking, you know, they're a better day. It was. ”And I go,“ These are better days and we are alive now. ”

Now. Back together, of time Recognize the progress, but thank you for the way they still have to fight it, McPhee said, "We can still do that and people may want to hear it." Stated.

McDonald's suddenly turns 20 when we stand there and Pat starts "Blackwater" or jumps into "China Grove" or "Takin". Once again, you know. And we are doing what we were always doing, you know. "

" It's magic, "said Axelrod.

"Yes, that's right."

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